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Date: 26-Feb-2021

More Categories: Apostolic Assembly of God Baptist Church of the Nazarene COG Lutheran Methodist Non-Denominational Pentecostal Presbyterian Unitarian

British-Israel COG (Since:20-Jan-2013 Hits:1211 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
USA and the British in prophecy

Christchurch Priory (Since:16-May-2002 Hits:3891 Votes: 2 Rating:9.00)
A virtual tour of the beautiful Christchurch Priory Church. Situated in East Dorset, England, the church is most famous for being the home of the legendary Miraculous Beam.

Church of Christ of Port Hueneme (Since:27-Aug-2007 Hits:1915 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Dedicated to the studies of Christ in the New Testament. (Since:30-Mar-2005 Hits:3711 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Complete and detailed directory of churches in Columbus, Ohio to help Christians find a church home or place of worship.

Companions of the Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield (Since:15-Jan-2012 Hits:1193 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Website of the Companions of the Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield

Crosspointe Church (Since:10-Nov-2011 Hits:1543 Votes: 1 Rating:10.00)
2518 S. McCall Ave. Sanger, CA 93657 ph. (559) 524-2828. Crosspointe is a Christian church, with its campus located in the vineyards of Sanger CA, Fresno County.

Drumheller Church of the Nazarene (Since:16-May-2003 Hits:2937 Votes: 6 Rating:10.00)
A place where you can come and worship god at any time we are here for you

Dutch Reformed Church - Deacons page (Since:14-Mar-2007 Hits:2182 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
A site giving advice and directions for deacons of the Dutch Reformed Church (Ned Herv Kerk) in South Africa. The site is in Afrikaans

Eastview Wesleyan Church (Since:09-Sep-2011 Hits:2161 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
The Wesleyan Church is an evangelical, Protestant denomination. We offer the good news that faith in Jesus Christ makes a personal relationship with God

Epic Life Church McCook (Since:12-Aug-2013 Hits:940 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
AT Epic Life Church we stick to the 4 J's. Jesus, Jeans, Java and Jams. Join us for awesome music, great coffee and friendly people.

Faith Evangelical Free Church (Since:17-Aug-2005 Hits:3251 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Faith Evangelical Free Church of Prairie du Chien, WI. Member of Evangelical Free Church of America

First Christian Reformed Church of Chatham-Kent (Since:01-Nov-2014 Hits:858 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
First Christian Reformed Church of Chatham-Kent.

First Wesleyan Church Nashville (Since:11-Sep-2014 Hits:852 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Family-friendly Christian Church in historic East Nashville, TN. We believe in God the Father, son, and Holy Spirit. We are a light to the community.

Florence Christian Church (Since:19-Mar-2002 Hits:3986 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
FCC is located on the beautiful central Oregon coast, just 60 miles west of Eugene and the University of Oregon. Check out our website and, if you're in the area, stop by and worship the Lord with us!

Foundational Christian Family Ministry (Since:28-Sep-2010 Hits:1277 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
The FCFM is an independent evangelical Christian ministry, where families and individuals can build on the solid foundation of Godís word!

Graham Friends Church (Since:23-Jan-2003 Hits:3401 Votes: 1 Rating:10.00)
The ministry and mission of Graham Friends Church, including the RSV and Modern Spanish Bibles, audio sermons, folk-gospel mp3s, puzzles, electronic scripture cards, and much more.

Hermon House of Worship (Since:30-Mar-2002 Hits:2947 Votes: 2 Rating:10.00)
Hermon House of worship was started by brother Bakht Singh and Co-workers in the early 40's...

Hope United Church of Christ (Since:02-Jun-2006 Hits:2539 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Hope United Church of Christ, Rockledge, Florida. We are a church that does not have all the answers, but we are willing to explore together all the questions, and expect more light to break forth from God's Holy Word.

House Church Network (Since:28-Apr-2005 Hits:3496 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
All things house church, also known as home churches.

Inclusive Orthodox Church Official Website (Since:29-Mar-2004 Hits:2372 Votes: 10 Rating:10.00)
The Inclusive Orthodox Church is a group of lay persons, monks, religious and clergy all acting as equals who follow The American Rite of Divine Liturgy in English and ascribe to traditional Orthodox Christian doctrines and faith. The Church has a special ministry toward marginalized and alienated Christians in Hawaii, California and Mexico.

Livefortruth (Since:25-Jul-2008 Hits:1538 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
This church is fully dependant on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We search for the Truth in the secret place of the most high God, for only the Truth has the power to set us free from the deception, and malice of the devil and his advocates. Many people are daily being led into captivity .....

Living Hope Church of God (Since:25-Sep-2003 Hits:2435 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Located in New Brunswick, Canada, we rely on God to show us how to share His Word and His love. We pray for those in need and we help those who want to learn more about Jesus Christ and His awesome power.

Loving Word Ministries (Since:03-Aug-2011 Hits:1203 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Non-denominational Christian ministry. We believe in the Word of God. Our main message, as it is throughout the bible, is LOVE. We believe that love is the key to living our lives the way Jesus intended.

Nyssa Christian Fellowship (Since:17-Jul-2003 Hits:2200 Votes: 2 Rating:9.50)
Loving God and Loving Others is our mission statement. The church is located in Nyssa Oregon USA. Visit our website and find people with a genuine love for God.

Sojourner's Fellowships (Since:12-May-2003 Hits:2360 Votes: 2 Rating:9.00)
Harvesters in the service of Almighty Godd...taking people from believer to practitioner. Sojourner's Fellowships are "Cell Fellowships" (Home Based Churches) where all members follow in their "ministry" (call and gifts) as the Lord Jesus Christ imparts through the Holy Spirit!

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