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Date: 01-Mar-2021

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About Shepherd Counselling (Since:18-Oct-2002 Hits:3292 Votes: 1 Rating:7.00)
Qualfied, caring therapist provides online christian counseling and valuable christian resources.

Biblical Care of Souls (Since:25-Feb-2012 Hits:1092 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Here at BCS Ministries, we are committed to serving God and the needs of you and your family through true Biblical counseling.
Using the Holy Scriptures as our ultimate standard of spiritual and practical counseling as well as insights from the most respected Christian teachers available, our counselors offer practical tools for leading a joyous, abundant and peaceful life--- having purpose and the knowledge that you are not alone. "But there is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother." - We do not diminish the depth of your sufferings, but offer supportive Biblical direction for you to endure and overcome life's difficult trials.

Biblical Counseling by Email (Since:22-Apr-2011 Hits:1223 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Professionally qualified counsellor offers Biblical counselling by email. You do not have to pay me, if you are feeling distressed, anxious, struggling to cope, you are welcome to email me. You do not have to be a Christian to contact me.

Christian Counseling (Since:08-Dec-2010 Hits:1305 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
JC Christian Counseling offers online and in-office christian counseling services to all individuals, adolescents, couples and families who need Counselors for depression, anxiety and stress, marriage, sadness, career, trauma, grief and loss.

Comfort & Counsel (Since:02-May-2008 Hits:2242 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
A Christian site with articles, answers to FAQ, counsel through email and many links to other sites.

Drug Rehab Florida (Since:04-Apr-2016 Hits:638 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Christian Drug Rehab Florida
We treat people to help them recover from alcohol and drug addiction. We are here to assist people along this difficult journey. What sets us apart from other addiction treatment centers is that we are a faith based addiction treatment program. Our philosophy is that with the 12 Steps of Recovery in one hand and the Bible in the other, your chances of sustaining permanent sobriety increase exponentially.

God's Word (Since:12-Nov-2005 Hits:2470 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Godís Word is a non-profit family oriented Christian organization providing counseling and educational services to individuals and families seeking advocacy and intervention in accordance with Godís word.

Manna Counseling Service (Since:11-Jun-2012 Hits:1047 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Offering transformation and wholeness since 1993

mike scarlett ministries (Since:10-Nov-2007 Hits:1750 Votes: 3 Rating:7.33)
Mike Scarlett is a Christian Counselor, singer/songwriter, and newspaper columnist. He lives in Johnson County, TX. His counseling service area is Burleson, Joshua, Cleburne, Alvarado, Rio Vista, Keene, Grandview, Godley, Crowley, Grandview as well as the DFW area of Texas

Online Christian Counseling: Private Effective Fast Free (Since:16-Mar-2004 Hits:3297 Votes: 2 Rating:10.00)
Online Christian Counseling: Private Effective Fast Free...convenient, private, and effective providing hope, assurance, relief and enabling a return to the life you deserve and want most

Private Counselling London (Since:12-Aug-2014 Hits:591 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Private London offers transpersonal, counselling allowing clients to reach their full potential in life.

Verum Consulendo (Since:02-Jan-2016 Hits:642 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Free Christian Counseling
To be fair to all in need, if you do not wish for the spiritual part of the Christian Counseling then please do not apply for help here but seek help from a Secular Therapist that will be of more worth to you and your difficulties. All those who wish to follow God and need His help are free to please use this service, but do not expect a secular based counseling session with us, we serve God.

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