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Date: 25-Feb-2021

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Apple Sauce Kids (Since:20-Jan-2013 Hits:875 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
free media, videos, games, activities, lessons, coloring pages, tv, christian, youth ministry

Auckland Churches – Pursuit (Since:04-Nov-2009 Hits:1730 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
PURSUIT CHURCH - Auckland, New Zealand - A passionate people in pursuit of His presence. A christian charismatic church, prayer & worship centre in central Auckland city, Mt. Roskill, New Zealand - House of Prayer soaking churches.
Touching the heart of God, impacting the heart of man. We are an independent central Auckland christian charismatic church pursuing the presence of God.

Congregational Holiness North Alabama (Since:25-Mar-2008 Hits:1996 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
"Wanting a Deeper Life with God? Then next Sunday visit the North Alabama CHChurch."
We believe in living a Spirit filled Christian life with Jesus Christ as the Center of our existence

Faith Chapel Of Steubenville (Since:31-Jul-2009 Hits:1339 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Independent Pentecostal Church with a family type atmosphere and where the love of Christ abides.

Holy Choice Christian Felowship (Since:09-Sep-2011 Hits:1178 Votes: 1 Rating:4.00)
Pentecostal Christian Fellowship with a focus on obtaining holiness and discernment to make choices that line up with the Will of our Father in Heaven - our LORD JESUS!

Overcoming With Joy Breakthrough Ministries International (Since:19-Feb-2004 Hits:3197 Votes: 1 Rating:10.00)
Pastor Louis Adams, Ellen Marie Adams, Atlanta Based Pentecostal Prophetic Ministry, Online Audio & Video Pastor Louis Adams is very vocal in the Atlanta Area!

Shadow of the Almighty Faith Tabernacle (Since:08-Feb-2005 Hits:3259 Votes: 5 Rating:9.19)
Church which helps you to live a Supernatural life by dealing with the following areas Financial Breakthrough, Fire Anointing, Demon tormentors,Praying in the spirit, Law of Sin and Death, Law of Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus Christ.

Solid Rock Full Gospel Church (Since:26-Mar-2007 Hits:2366 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Providing a place of refuge and worship for all in central Virginia.

The Door Christian Fellowship Church (Since:02-Jul-2016 Hits:508 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
The Door CFC is a growing, multi-cultural congregation in Kingsville, Texas. We are a Bible-based, Spirit-filled, nondenominational church with a passion for Jesus Christ and a love for people to know God in a personal and powerful way. Whether you are a lifetime resident of our community, transferred in with the Navy or Border Patrol, or beginning your higher education at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, we are here to help you begin your walk with Christ or help you deepen your commitments to Him.

Touching Your World Ministries Website (Since:04-Mar-2008 Hits:2364 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Touching Your World Ministries was founded in 1996 on the premise that every person's soul is important; in light of the preceding statement, Touching Your World Ministries attempts to bring all members of the human race to salvation through Jesus Christ.

Victory Tabernacle Church (Since:04-Jun-2013 Hits:963 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
A small but growing Vineyard Tabernacle Pentecostal church in Carlisle, Pa. Read testimonies, submit prayer requests, watch videos and read newsletters.
We invite you to get to know us. Our mission is to enrich our community and to “Embrace the World for Christ”.

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