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Date: 25-Feb-2021

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A Minister of God Ministry (Since:14-Jan-2008 Hits:2047 Votes: 16 Rating:9.94)
A Minister of God Ministry - Support and Understanding for a Christian serving in the military.

A Spiritual Journey - Spirituality Test (Since:21-Oct-2009 Hits:1457 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
An evangelistic site targeting seekers through the use of a "spirituality test". The test produces personalised evangelistic feedback tailored to specifically to each person taking the test.

barber kettering (Since:28-May-2017 Hits:452 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
new hairdresser in kettering

Battle Focused Ministries - Spiritual Warfare (Since:16-Jul-2003 Hits:2868 Votes: 4 Rating:7.75)
Evangelistic ministry teaches Christian spiritual warfare, emphasizing personal evangelism, discipleship, and teamwork through the local Church.

Believe Today Ministries (Since:09-Jun-2007 Hits:2024 Votes: 2 Rating:10.00)
Here you will find Christian articles, Scriptures, audio messages, letters of encouragement, poetry, testimonies and other tools to help you become firmly rooted and grounded in God’s Word.

Beth-Haran, a house of grace (Since:12-Jun-2007 Hits:2294 Votes: 1 Rating:10.00)
Beth-Haran is a nondenominational, Christ centered ministry designed to minister to women 18 years and older who are suffering from a self-destructive lifestyle.

Biblical Women, Inc (Since:01-Jun-2010 Hits:1374 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
A drama based teaching ministry encouraging people to find answers in the Bible. Our mission is to portray God's living word through dramatic presentations of the lives of His people as a means of drawing people to a closer relationship with God.

BigChurch Ministries (Since:08-Sep-2004 Hits:2906 Votes: 1 Rating:10.00)
We are a Spirit-filled ministries of people seeking to be faithful to our promise to continue in Jesus teaching and fellowship.

C&MA Mali, West-Africa (Since:06-Mar-2007 Hits:2163 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Introduction and team of C&MA in Mali

C.C. Ministries (Since:10-Jul-2004 Hits:3588 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Our website is dedicated to reaching the lost with the message of Jesus Christ.

Caledonian Ministries - Missions in Scotland (Since:18-Apr-2007 Hits:2220 Votes: 2 Rating:10.00)
Caledonian Ministries is dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Scotland.

Christ's Provisions, Inc. (Since:07-Aug-2014 Hits:701 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
We are a non profit Christian charity; supporting ministries around the world by meeting needs, focused on identifying, and supporting native born missionaries

Christian Comedians, Magicians, and Ventriloquists for Hire (Since:08-Mar-2007 Hits:2110 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Christian comedians that provide clean, funny comedy at your church outreach program or corporate event. Featuring stand-up comedians, magicians, ventriloquists, speakers, and other Christian entertainers.

Christian Webmasters Webring (Since:16-May-2003 Hits:2767 Votes: 3 Rating:9.90)
Webring for Christian webmasters proclaiming the gospel of Jesus.

Church in Nepal (Since:24-Jun-2008 Hits:1831 Votes: 1 Rating:9.00)
Churches Network Nepal is all about fellowship and ministry of indigeneous Nepali Churches. We emphasis on spreading the gospel in Nepal and plant Church. Our ministries are Bible Distribution, Bible School, Translation and Sports Ministry. Please join with us as a partner to win thousands of souls for the kingdom of God.

Clean Heart Ministries (Since:21-Jun-2012 Hits:1076 Votes: 1 Rating:10.00)
Clean Heart Ministries is a Cape Town, South Africa based internet Christian Ministry focused on repentance, forgiveness, cleansing and love. Clean Heart Ministries physically go minister to churches in the Cape Town area on invitation with dynamic preaching and evangelism inspired to create repentance within the congregations ministered to.

Cowboy Country (Since:02-Jan-2007 Hits:2265 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Cowboy Country Church is an inter-denominational ministry for cowboys, farmers, ranchers, and anyone in the livestock industry who enjoys a friendly, western lifestyle. Come worship with Pastor Lynn and the Triple Cross Band. Come as you are!

Daina House - Prophetic & Deliverance Ministry Preaching Across the US (Since:16-May-2003 Hits:3089 Votes: 13 Rating:9.51)
Former Actress Daina House is now an Ordained Minister. She gives her testimony in churches & the media. She tells of the strong delivering power of God to overcome any obstacle and bring one to salvation.

DiscipleMakers Ministries (Since:08-Feb-2006 Hits:2337 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
A discipleship ministry to new and mature Christians offering a single free downloadable study on essentials of the faith, Christian living, preparing for ministry service and becoming a ministry leader. Suitable for groups or individuals.

Encourager Linda Flagg, Christian Life Coach & Youth Minister (Since:28-Jan-2005 Hits:2788 Votes: 3 Rating:10.00)
Linda is truly an Encourager to all. You will be blessed by her ministry.

Exploding Word Ministries (Since:23-Mar-2010 Hits:1573 Votes: 7 Rating:9.43)
Proclaiming the Word of a Loving God to a Dying World. - Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine -2 Timothy 4:2

Founding Fathers Faith (Since:03-Nov-2008 Hits:1840 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
The purpose of Founding Father’s Faith Ministry is to bring to light the need to return to the “old paths”. We as Christians and our nation need rest for our souls; there is no other way to gain that rest except through Christ our Redeemer.
F · Contention s abounding · Self instead of selflessness · Sin advocated · Corruptions · Churches following the world · The Ten Commandments put away · History in revision

Freedom House International (Since:04-Sep-2008 Hits:1809 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
Freedom House is a ministry that gives you insight to God's heavenly agenda for the earth. We are located at Finchely London N3 and at our Ministry website, you can download free powerful ebooks that will help you to grow in your Christian faith and read testimonials that will further empower you to live a Holy Spirit godly life. Why not visit us today to see how you can start to enjoy God's solution for you on earth.

God Today (Since:21-Feb-2017 Hits:516 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
The main activity of this ministry is to Preach the Words of God following the revelations, guidance and instructions God gives to John C. Sun

HIS Glory Ring Ministries (Since:13-Jan-2005 Hits:2046 Votes: None Rating:N/A)
HIS Glory Ring Ministries is a Christian faith, Biblically based, international, trans-denominational, non-profit, tax-exempt (501 (c) 3) ministry. It is the heart of this ministry to give generously to our FATHER GOD's nations, states, cities and tribes of the earth for HIS Glory.

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