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Advanced Bible Search - Customization


Advanced Bible search is pre-installed on all sites. If you want to customize the look and feel of the software to your site, please follow these instructions carefully and to the letter or it  will not work correctly.

This requires intermediate to advanced HTML skill so please do not try it if you are a novice.

Step #1 - Download
  • Download the Header and footer files in ZIP format here.
  • Unzip them to your PC.
  • Create a directory in your website in the public_html/ folder called S-config (CaSe Sensitive!!) like so
Step #2 - Edit url.txt
Edit the file url.txt like so:
  • Change the first line from domain.com to whatever your domain is.
  • Do not put the http:// or www. in front of your domain. Only the DomainName.com
  • If you have more than one domain name (parked or add-on domains) add each one on a new line
  • Only edit this file in a text editor like Notepad. Do not use a Word processor like Word or you will break it.
Step #3 - Upload
Upload all files to the public_html/S-config/ folder on your website.

The complete list if files you should now have in public_html/S-Config/ are:

File Name Function
.htaccess Prevents web access to the text files. Do not delete it. See note on status.txt Below.
biblesearch-footer.html the footer HTML template file
biblesearch-header.html the header HTML template file
biblesearch-search.html the search HTML template file. Only expert users should attempt editing this file
url.txt The file described in Step #1 above


Every 24 hours a scheduled task running on the server will come collect the HTML files in S-config/ and save them in a special place for inclusion instead of the default files whenever Advanced Bible Search is used on your site.

You will also notice a new file in this directory called status.txt. This file is a detailed summary of the time, date and outcome of the last time the scheduler came to fetch the files from your directory. If you see the word ERROR anywhere in the file, please follow whatever instructions it has carefully, in order to correct the error before the next run in 24 hours.


Step #4 - Editing the template files

Please note that the template files do not contain complete HTML. Fore example, the biblesearch-header.html file ends without </body> and </html> tags. DO NOT CHANGE this or you will get weird behavior from your Web Browser.

Editing this file is the simplest way to determine the look and feel of the software. Be aware that if you remove the variables used in the <body> tag and replace them with 'hard' values, you probably want to remove the Preferences link in biblesearch-search.html too.

If you use a Cascading style sheet, be sure to edit out the extra HTML in the <body> tag and remove the Preferences link in biblesearch-search.html.

NOTE: a CSS file will need to have an absolute HTML reference to somewhere on your site.

If you use an image or watermark don't forget the HTML reference must be absolute.

Please note that this file does not have closing HTML tags.

The variable $results is where the returned text is sent. Since it is in a table, feel free to add cells to the right or left of this with your own HTML to make a cool sidebar. 

$header and $footer are where the other two template files get popped in at run time.

Unless you really know what you are doing, don't mess with the other variables or things may break.

You can force Case ON OFF by setting the value of the check box

The radio buttons are $rad0 $rad1 $rad2.

All variable beginning with $T_ is where text goes. You can remove these and 'hard' code the text if you like.

Be careful not to remove or change the cell <td $rtl>$results</td> (Note the variable $rtl. It is used by the software for right to left languages like Hebrew)

The table with the words MORE BIBLES at top is the navigation table for other Bibles.

$hdr_txt is the part that shows what the user searched for.

$returned show how many results were found

$sidebar is automatically generated as a table by the software without <table> ... </table> tags and that is why it's inside a table. You can set the table properties or remove it [and the table] entirely if you don't want it.

Do not remove the hidden field $first - unless you plan on hard coding all defaults an not allowing the user to change them, this sets up the initial default values


You do not have to have all 3 the HTML files in your directory. The scheduler will only copy the ones it finds. For example, if you do not wish to customize biblesearch-search.html, don't upload it. The scheduler will see it's not there and use the default template instead.


Debugging - How to disable

OK, so you waited 24 hours and the scheduler got your files. Obviously something went wrong because Bible Search now looks totally messed up on your site. What now??

Examine the file status.txt in public_html/S-config/ and see if there are any error messages you can figure out. If that does not work ...

Simply delete the files biblesearch-header.html, biblesearch-footer.html and biblesearch-search.html from public_html/S-config (or the entire S-config/ directory if you like) and wait 24 hours. The software will revert to the original files we created.

Please note that although we will give you limited help getting this going on your site, please don't expect us to walk you through it. This requires intermediate to advanced HTML knowledge and if you can't get it to work, you will either have to pay someone to edit the files for you or be satisfied with the default files we supply.

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