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Secure Form Mail - Exclusive to Webnet77



Due to a huge demand from our customers for a secure way for people to contact you from your Website, we have released "Secure Form Mail". A product unique to Webnet77.

The problem with the traditional Form Mail software used on thousands of sites all over the world is that:

  • Your email address is contained in a hidden field in the HTML code of the form making it easy for spammers to get it and send you SPAM email. (By the way, this applies equally to forms generated with Front Page).

  • Form mail can be easily manipulated by a malicious person to send email to other recipients. In other words, your site can be used as a source of SPAM mail and even be used to launch a denial of service attack on other sites.

Secure  Form Mail is unique in that it uses high grade encryption to ensure that it is almost impossible for a spammer to gain access to your email address making it ideal for use on your website.


Firstly, the software is already installed on all Webnet77 sites. There is nothing you need to install. All you need to do is to generate the HTML code to paste into your pages. To do that, we have made an online form you may use for this purpose.

The online form (via a secure online server) allows you to customize how the form will look - colors, logo, drop down box, wording of text etc. Once you have created the look and feel you want, it's a simple matter to copy the HTML code generated by the software and paste into as many pages on your website as you like.

There are two versions of secure form mail available to Webnet77 customers. Both are available from your Control panel


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