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 Fri Mar 7 08:02:34 2014 GMT
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GoSub Is a dynamic Subdomain Updater For cPanel sub Domains.

When first installing GoSub you will be presented with the following screen:

Insert your cPanel credentials As shown below. (In this particular
case, you will be creating the subdomain: home.netalicious.net)

Clicking the Test Button will create the sub domain if it does not yet exist

A successful Test will appear as below:

Clicking save will minimize the application to the system tray.

Import and export buttons can be used to save your configuration for use on another machine or for safe keeping. this file is encrypted, as is your password when saved locally.

The Save button will change to a hide button when a configuration is saved and active.

if you wish to enable auto start of the app, the enable button will do that, it will change to a disable button when auto start is enabled

Click Install to install the application

This application does require .NET 4.5.1 to run and is thus only available for windows Vista / 7 / 8

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