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Frequently asked questions - (FAQ)

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A. We have around 200 Flash Tutorials right here. Please consult these before submitting a support ticket.

Q. Do I need to know HTML and all that kind of stuff to have a Webnet77 site?
A. Not necessarily. If you use one of our FREE advanced content Management systems (comes with all plans except WebStarter) you don't need to. You will need to get the hang of the Control Panel though and for that we have prepared around 200 online Flash movies for you to watch at your leisure.

Q. What features/software do I get when I host with Webnet77?
A. You can have a Chat room, Message Board, Shopping Cart, picture gallery, daily Blog Column - just about anything you want, without having to know HTML. All you need to do is select the software you want installed from your Administrator control Panel and click to install! Click here for details.

Please note that you will need [at least] the ability to follow online tutorials to create a website. There is no such thing as a website that creates itself :)

To see how the administrator Control Panel works, Click here.

Q. I want an online Store on my website. Does Webnet77 cater for SSL and can you offer SSL certificates?
A. Yes we do. We offer secure certificates for under $50.00 per year as well as an installation service for a nominal fee.

Q Do you offer other services besides web hosting?
A. We offer several value added services like software install, remote off site backup, software design and script customization and more. We even offer a web design service (we don't do it but we put you in touch directly with experts who do) if you need your site designed from scratch. Learn more.

Q. Does Webnet77 oversell and what is overselling anyway?
A. Overselling is an entire subject and we cover it briefly here.


New Sign up questions

Q. I have a brand New Website. Do I need to do some basic housekeeping stuff first?
A. Yes you do. Check out the New Site Checklist

Q. I already have a domain name. If I sign up do you waive the setup fee?
A. No. The setup Fee (if applicable) is to set up your site and not for payment of the domain name.

Q. How do I get to my admin control panel
A. There are several ways for secure and regular login. There are also methods for logging in if you are behind a proxy or firewall that blocks certain ports. They are all listed in the Welcome email you received. Look for the links called "Control Panel" in the welcome email.

Q. Can I change from one hosting package to another?
A. Anytime! You can move up or down at any time provided you provide at least 1 days notice. If you have passed the midpoint of your hosting period, we generally will give you the last period on the new package on the house. (Please do not use this as a loophole to signup for a smaller package than you actually need and then upgrade at our expense ... our prices are low enough already). NOTE: If you downgrade you may lose some of your site features. You upgrade from your Personal Control Panel here.

Q. If I go over on my bandwidth do you automatically bump me up to the next package?
A. No. All packages (excepting the WebStarter) have unmetered bandwidth as of July 2010. That means we do not monitor it.

Q. Where can I download the Admin and user Help files?
A. Click Here

Q. Where can I get help on setting up a Mailbox in Outlook Express?
A. Click Here


Domain Names

Q. Can I have multiple domains on my website?
A. Yes. You can have up to the maximum allowed by your package. We have a fee structure for add-on domains here. NOTE: You will first have to register the domain name/s.


Click here for a pictorial or go here for instructions on how to use WS_FTP, Cute FTP, Smart FTP.
Email questions
Q. Are there tutorials for setting up Email for different Email Clients?
A. Yes. We have tutorials for several including Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape mail and others. The email tutorials are here.

Q. I can't POP my email with Outlook or Outlook Express. What is wrong?
A. The most common reason for not being able to pop email is that your POP settings are wrong.

The correct settings to use (if your domain is your_domain.com and the mailbox is joe) are:
Incoming Mail (POP3): your_domain.com
Outgoing mail (SMTP): See next question below
Account Name: joe@your_domain.com (NOTE: you do not just use "joe")
Password: The password you used when you created this mailbox.

Q. I can't send mail through the SMTP server. What is wrong?
A. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Your package does not come with SMTP. Only the Web Master and Web Pro packages come with SMTP. For the other packages you must use the SMTP server provided by your ISP.
  • You need to check the My Server requires Authentication box in your mailbox settings in Outlook Express or Outlook.

Q. I want to use IMAP for email. Can I?
Yes, you can. Either via one of the Web mail clients like Horde or from an email client on your PC that supports IMAP. See the tutorials for more information.

Q. My ISP does not allow me to SMTP on port 25. What now?
A. There are two options:

  • You can use your ISP's SMTP gateway. (See your welcome email from when you signed up with your ISP. The information will be there).
  • We run duplicate mail servers on port 26 for this very situation. Click in the advanced or port settings of your mail client and instruct it to use port 26 instead.

Q. Do you offer SECURE (SSL) POP Email as a standard feature?
A. Yes we do. Read all about it here.

Need more Help? Click Here

Admin Control Panel Questions
Q. I can't log into my site Admin. It says my password is wrong.
A. You log into your site admin with these parameters
  • Login: Your site username (the one we sent you when you signed up)
  • Password: your site admin password (the one we sent you when you signed up)

Q. How do I get to my admin control panel
A. Type http://cpanel.your_domain.com into your browser

Q. Where can I download the Admin and user Help files?
A. Click Here

Microsoft Front Page questions
Q. I cannot connect to my site with Front Page.
A. There are two reasons why this usually happens:
  • Front Page extensions have not yet been enabled on your site because it is a new domain. You must install them from your Control Panel. To do this, log into your Control Panel with the username and password in the welcome letter, Server->FrontPage Extensions->Install Extensions.
  • To open the site with Front Page (or with MS Word)
    • Click File -> Open Site. Enter http://your_domain.com (note you must enter the http://)
    • When prompted for a username and password enter your username without anything after it.
    • Your password

Need More Help? Click Here

What are Server response codes?

Each time a HTTP request is made to a web-server, it can respond with several different response codes. Read more here.
Q. What other Editors can I use to edit my Website?
A. The list is huge. You can use anything from Macromedia's Dream Weaver, Front Page, Flash, to Microsoft's Word program. In many cases, if you are using one or more of our preinstalled software packages you probably wont need to use anything. Click here to see the full list of cool software we offer with your site. You can have a Chat room, Message Board, Shopping Cart, picture gallery, daily Blog Column - just about anything you want, without having to know anything about designing web pagers. All you need to do is select the software you want installed from your Administrator control Panel and click to install!
Network Questions
Q. What kind of Servers do you use?
A. We typically use a combination of single and dual CPU machines with quad cores. We do not keep server hardware for more than 3 years after which we replace them. This keeps our maintenance low and server availability high.

The way we run our servers is important:

Firstly, load average is kept well below unity (100%) and never peaks at over 1.5 for more than 5 minutes at a time. (If you are shopping for a host, this is one of the most important questions to ask since it is common practice to run a lot higher than this. The number of sites put onto a single server impacts directly on the performance of each site. To give an example, a server with 500 sites may perform well if all 500 sites only get 2-3 visitors each per day. However, if only 10 of the 500 are busy sites and push up the average load to 2 or more, all 500 will perform poorly. This is particularly noticeable during peak times which is exactly the time you don't want it to happen).

Second, we never run at anything more than about 50% network card capacity. We use only 100Mb/S network connectivity on all servers and it is very rare that a server runs at even 50% of this capacity. This ensures that your site will be fast at any time of the day or night and not only at 3 am in the morning. This is a critical parameter and it is common practice to fit servers with 10Mb network connectivity and then offer huge bandwidth packages. Do the math yourself: a 10Mb network card taken over a month will barely get 8,000GB. Share that over 200 (a very low number) sites and you get 40GB / site. So even if you are offered a bazillion gigs of bandwidth, you can never actually get there. All our server have network capacity of at least 10 times that.

Q. What about your Backbone. What speed network are you on?
A. The backbone speed is something different from the network speed of each server on the backbone (above) . The backbone has to carry all bandwidth from all servers. We use one of the fastest networks on the planet! Not one but multiple Gigabit links to the Internet! Overall bandwidth usage is never more than 80% so there is always spare capacity, making Webnet77 one of the fastest Hosting providers around. Because our bandwidth usage is never more than 80% of overall capacity even during peak times, your site will always be fast. (See also point above).

Q. What Operating Systems do your Servers use?
A. We use Linux with cPanel for the Web interface (Administrator Control Panel).

Q. Do you do Backups?
A. Yes we do! Your website will be backed up once / week onto a remote server in another State (or even another country) making your backup a true "off site" backup. We keep two sets of backups - one is replaced weekly and the other monthly. Backups are fully automated and done daily on a rollover basis split into 7 equal days.

Q. Are your servers monitored 24/7/365?
A. Absolutely! We are notified automatically within 5 minutes of any service failure on a server.

Q. What about uptime. Do you offer an uptime guarantee?
A. We do not guarantee uptime. for example, you can't guarantee a a meteorite won't hit you or a bus run you over. It is very unlikely, but it cannot be an absolute guarantee.

However, what we can give you is our uptime over the past few years: As you can see, our downtime is measured in minutes making our uptime better than 99.99%. Although this is not an uptime guarantee, it gives an idea of how meticulously we manage our servers. Our servers are also located across several States and we plan in the future for servers in Europe and Australia. This will ensure we have a working network even in the face of massive natural disasters like the hurricanes that so devastated parts of the USA some time ago.

You may check the uptime of one of our servers which is monitored by and independent, impartial third party here.

Q. Where can I learn more about CGI and Perl?
Perl.com and the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network are two huge resources where you will find most, if not all you will need.

Q. Where can I find download Perl for my PC?
A. From
Active Perl.

Q. I'm a beginner at writing CGI scripts. Can I use my website to debug my code?
A. Absolutely not. We do not allow our servers to be used for software debugging. Instead, rather do this:

If you run a Windows PC you can get Perl and Apache and even MySQL for free for your local machine (Windows or MAC) machine and debug your code on your local machine. Remember, your site is hosted along with a number of others on the same server. Crashing, damaging or making the server vulnerable to attack will not only bring your site down, but the sites of many others too.

Please see this article on Dangerous Scripts before attempting your own.

Q. Where can I learn more about PHP?
A. At

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