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As a member of BibleForums.org, you qualify for an absolutely free, full featured Christian Blog or a free cPanel site if you have your own domain.


  • You must be a member of BibleForums Message Board to receive your Blog. You do not need to be a member of the Message board for a cPanel site.
  • Free sites/blogs are given on the understanding that they will contain God-honoring Christian content and comply with the rules of BibleForums.org,
  • Free sites/blogs may under no circumstances contain adult material, warez, illegal software, be involved in an illegal activity, participate in SPAM or harvest or sell email addresses,
  • Free sites/blogs may only be used for personal or ministry purposes. No commercial sites,
  • The Webnet77.com Terms of Service, Acceptable use policy and privacy policy apply,
  • Free blogs (and cPanel sites for the time being) are provided free of charge and do not expire,
  • Since the Free sites/blogs are funded privately, we reserve the right to limit, suspend or terminate any or all sites at any time should funding become an issue,


  • Support for free sites/blogs will be given on the Message Board only. No Technical support will be given by email -- we simply don't have the resources.

Upgrading to Paid Hosting

  • You can upgrade to paid hosting with your own domain name, customized email, Message Board, Guestbook, and blog, of course! at any time.

Non-Active sites

  • Sites/Blogs not active (no traffic, no attempt at making one etc) for long periods of time will be removed to make space for others.

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Please be sure to provide an email address that does NOT have a SPAM block or filter on it as well as double checking your typing. If we cannot send you your Welcome email, you will not be able to receive your username and password.

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