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IP to Country Aggregating software

If you have statistical software on your website that shows visitors by country, chances are it uses something like reverse DNS resolution or even the domain extension to determine the country of origin. This method is highly inaccurate and is a "guestimate" at best.

Using the IP address to lookup from an IP to country database on the other hand is exceptionally accurate -- over 99% in fact. However, it is not common or popular because of the overhead associated with looking up a single IP address from over 3 billion (which is more or less how many IPV4 addresses there are). It takes a lot of computing power to do it, which is why most statistical analysis programs don't.

We have used a method similar to the way bind works which uses far less server resources making it possible to offer this as a remotely hosted solution. For now it is completely free. Time will tell if we will be able to maintain this as a totally free service. That will all depend on how many people use it and how popular it becomes.

The IP to country aggregating software for websites is currently under test below.

If you would like this (the table below) on your website, click here for instructions.

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