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Completely free cPanel web hosting
For some time now we have been evaluating the possibility of offering completely free cPanel hosting accounts. One of our main concerns was how to ensure this does not degrade the service and support we offer to our paying customers because that would be an unacceptable compromise. We have achieved this in the following manner
  • Free sites will not be be given email or helpdesk support. Limited support for free sites will be on our Message Board only. Any free site owner abusing this or attempting to use any of the mechanisms we have in place for paid hosting accounts will be subject to removal.
  • No manual changes to your free hosting account will be done by us. A portal is provided for you to do this yourself. If you change your email and cannot recover your password as a result, you will not be able to access your account so please make a note of this now and be sure to update your email if you you change it.

We would love to be able to offer the same level of service on free accounts as we do for our paid customers. Unfortunately, resources are limited so we have to make adjustments. Please keep this in mind when signing up for a free site.

What you need to do/have before you signup
We provide one free with all paid accounts, but for free sites, you must get your own. You can buy it anywhere you like or you can get one through us. A domain will cost you about $8 - $9 per year.

To purchase a new domain through us, go here. If you do a lot of searching, you may find domains a few cents cheaper, but it won't be by much. Then follow the link to New Account on the top left of your screen and enter your details if it is your first time on this site. Follow the instructions until you checkout. If you get stuck, there is an all hours toll free number at the top of the page you can call and someone at the registry [NOT Webnet77] will talk you through what you need to do.


once you register a new domain, you must wait for 2-10 hours
(it depends on the internet) before you can use the signup link below.

You need to make sure your domains DNS servers are set to the following:

[Nameserver #1: ns1.tld0.net]  [Nameserver #2: ns2.tld0.net] (NOTE, that's a 'zero' not the letter 'o')

During the signup process, our system checks the WHOIS information
of your domain to make sure it is setup correctly. If it is not, your
submission will not work.

If you are ready and have understood the above, you may proceed here

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