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Updated: 11-Feb-2016

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A Bible commentary Hits 1215 (Since 24-Jun-2010) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Free Bible commentary and free Bible study material
About Jesus Hits 2913 (Since 01-Oct-2005) Votes 0 Rating N/A
About Jesus is an easy to read web site that will help you understand many Biblical issues.
Absolute Bible Study Hits 1124 (Since 06-Dec-2009) Votes 0 Rating N/A
This site teaches the Word of God which is perfect in quality and absolutely complete.
Are You Really Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation? Hits 2578 (Since 02-Apr-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
A 25 lesson Bible study concerning our eternal salvation with interactive questions at the end of each lesson.
atenorforJesus Hits 290 (Since 13-Mar-2013) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Absolute Archaeological proof that the Bible is accurate
ATIS INTERNATIONAL BIBLE COLLEGE Hits 351 (Since 07-Dec-2013) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Atis International Bible College Offer FREE Online Courses wich are strictly Bible based with no "man's" teachings or denominational bilife's " inserted,so that you can develop a good fonadtion in the word of GOD. not in "man's bilife's ". A study wich will take you through the Bible.
Awake O Zion Hits 1876 (Since 20-Mar-2007) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Bible study tools and information on various topics including Feast Days, Sabbath, current events. Also includes Messianic artwork.
Basic Bible Studies Hits 3941 (Since 22-Jun-2004) Votes 6 Rating 8.83
This site presents free Christian Bible studies ranging from the basics to spiritual warfare.
Betty White Ministries - Online Bible Studies Hits 2931 (Since 11-Oct-2003) Votes 1 Rating 3.00
Online Bible study with weekly lesson guides offering in-depth Scriptural analysis relative to 21st Century perspective.
Bible Concordance Reference Study Library Hits 2171 (Since 01-Mar-2006) Votes 0 Rating N/A
"Bible Information! The most completely Accurate online Bible and Concordance Reference Study available."
Bible Headquarters Hits 2350 (Since 09-Mar-2005) Votes 13 Rating 9.68
Comprehensive hard hitting site with many thought provoking pages, Bible studies, cults, tracts, and much more.
Bible Quotes Hits 116 (Since 16-Jun-2014) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Study the bible at your convenience. Free Bible Quote selection and delivery by email
Bible Sprout Hits 124 (Since 03-Jun-2014) Votes 0 Rating N/A helped people grow deeper in their faith with access to instant information and 100% free bible resources.
Bible Study Courses Hits 2672 (Since 18-Dec-2005) Votes 1 Rating 9.00
This site offers bible study courses that present sound Christian doctrine as well as other biblical teachings, such as Christian discipleship, the calling of God, spiritual warfare, kingdom principles and Christian values, to mention a few.
Bible Study Guide For All Ages Hits 2522 (Since 07-Jul-2005) Votes 1 Rating 10.00
Bible curriculum for Sunday School, Bible class and family that teaches students the entire Bible and how to apply it to their lives. Uses time line, maps, visuals, application activities, games, review drills and more.
Bible Study on Jonah Hits 560 (Since 08-Dec-2011) Votes 0 Rating N/A
This site provides valuable resources for a pastor or lay teacher planning to host a bible study on the book of Jonah, including verse by verse commentary. Pastors may also download descriptive outlines or sermons on each chapter.
Bible Study Wiki Hits 1951 (Since 05-Jul-2006) Votes 1 Rating 9.00
A question and answer wiki that allows anyone to ask Bible questions and anyone to write answers. Ask, learn, share, grow.
Bible Teachings by Pastor Jim Feeney Hits 2294 (Since 09-May-2005) Votes 1 Rating 9.00
Bible studies include tongues, healing, gifts of the Spirit, baptism, and more from a Pentecostal and charismatic perspective.
Biblical Research Reports Hits 1705 (Since 15-Oct-2006) Votes 1 Rating 7.00
Research to help you be successful in life. Find information on divorce and remarriage, the headcovering, peace, music, God's commands, and more.
Christ Study Hits 2079 (Since 28-Dec-2007) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Free online Bible search, Bible commentaries, dictionaries and concordances, Christian devotionals
Christian Hits 616 (Since 07-Nov-2011) Votes 0 Rating N/A
christian blog on current events, news, and encouragement for your everyday life.
Complete Bible genealogy Hits 2136 (Since 09-Jul-2005) Votes 1 Rating 10.00
Every person mentioned by name in the Bible with links to all of their relatives. Includes Bible cross reference, family tree, a complete Genealogy of Jesus and synchronization of the kings of Judah and Israel.
Daily Bible Scriptures Sent To Your Cell Phone Hits 1625 (Since 18-Aug-2006) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Text the word "LIFE" to 247478 to start recieving daily scriptures sent to your cell phone. Be with The Word Of GOD Always.
Daily Bible Study Hits 3092 (Since 17-May-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Christian Daily Bible Study
Discipleship Tools Hits 3153 (Since 26-Oct-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
We desire to see a church committed to His purpose and poured out to His ways. Then we will see revival through real prayer and devotion to His Lordship.
Dispensational Bible study Hits 1099 (Since 13-Dec-2008) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Dispensational bible study for christian growth. Helping You Understand God's Word by rightly dividing the Word of Truth.
Each New Day a Miracle Hits 2365 (Since 27-Oct-2003) Votes 0 Rating N/A
A personal site containing poetry, sermons, and a guide on how to study the Bible
Free Bible commentaries in simple English Hits 2562 (Since 29-Mar-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
A Bible study library on the Internet. Free books and commentaries in simple english on many books of the Bible. Evangelical and theologically checked.
Free Bible Study Hits 2334 (Since 10-Feb-2005) Votes 1 Rating 8.00
Free Bible Study for beginners and advanced students. Sign up for free self-paced Online Bible Study or Bible Studies Free by Postal Mail.
Free Bible Study Lessons Hits 2247 (Since 22-Feb-2005) Votes 0 Rating N/A
We offer free reports and e-mail courses on life from a Christian world-view. Discover what the Bible says on a variety of topics.
Go to the Bible! Hits 1222 (Since 12-May-2006) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Bible study pages and sermons focused primarily on Fundamental Christianity.
God's Rhema Hits 502 (Since 20-Aug-2011) Votes 1 Rating 9.00
We at are dedicated to teaching the pure unadulterated word of God. We teach the fundamental basic essential Doctrines of the bible from Genesis to Revelation.
Godinterest Hits 153 (Since 04-Jul-2014) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Godinterest is a photo-driven Christian social media site that allows you to upload photos and share cool things that you find across the web.
Gods Holy Word Hits 1098 (Since 29-Jan-2007) Votes 0 Rating N/A
bible studie, forums, sermons,
Gods Word Ministry and Bible Study Hits 2661 (Since 02-Dec-2003) Votes 7 Rating 10.00
A Christian site devoted to spreading the Word of God with ongoing Bible study, daily devotionals, sermons, forum, and much much more.
Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians Hits 1353 (Since 09-Oct-2005) Votes 3 Rating 10.00
Becker Bible Studies provide ministry to growing Christians all over the world, through the Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians series.
Hal Lee Ministries - Audio Bible Studies Hits 1440 (Since 15-Jun-2003) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Study the Bible with Pastor Hal Lee as he Rightly Divides the Word of God. From Genesis to Revelation, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse - RealAudio & Windows Media format studies for you to listen and study.
Inductive Bible Study lessons \ Bible Guide | Printable Bible Studies Hits 1909 (Since 03-Mar-2009) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Inductive bible study lessons, bible guide, printable bible studies in questions answers format - For Personal bible study, small groups or Church Cell Groups, Free Bible Resources
Inductive Bible Study Notes Hits 411 (Since 02-Apr-2012) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Includes inductive Bible study notes on many books of the Bible chapter by chapter.
Internet Bible College Hits 10 (Since 18-Aug-2014) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Vision Colleges are unique. We offer both Accredited (VIC) and Non-Accredited (VCC) and State Approved Degree study material to meet the individual study needs of the student. First by Distance Education to individual students using email (.PDF files) or regular mail services for hard copy books. Secondly we establish Local Church Bible Colleges empowering the local church ministry team to train and develop its own people for its own ministry in their own community... and the world beyond.
Into Thy Word Hits 210 (Since 18-Nov-2012) Votes 0 Rating N/A
This is an only community for like minded believers in Christ. You can access Devotions, sermons, bible commentaries etc. It is our hope that you will feel right at home with us snf you will come back to visit.
Jesus Every Day Hits 1611 (Since 26-May-2005) Votes 0 Rating N/A
The goal of this Website is to provide you with daily resources that will help you grow in your faith, and will help you walk closer to Jesus every day.
Learn how to read the King James bible Hits 8 (Since 27-Oct-2014) Votes 0 Rating N/A
God is not the author of confusion. To understand the King James bible, you must read it how the King James bible commands you to read it: according to the establishment commandment of the everlasting God (Romans 16:25-27).
Life of Jesus Hits 712 (Since 01-Jan-2009) Votes 8 Rating 9.37
The Life of Jesus web site has as its purpose to provide you with a comprehensive, in depth study of the life of our Lord Jesus Christ and how we ourselves can experience and live it, in a simple and easy to understand format. Here you will find state of the art The Four in One Gospel of JESUS project, as well as read practical nuggets of Biblical truths in the Jesus Walks section. The Jesus Articles corner offers
Meeting With Christ Hits 1562 (Since 25-Jul-2003) Votes 1 Rating 10.00
Systematic exposition on the words of the Lord Jesus in the synoptic gospels. 30-minute lessons (MP3) with printable transcripts (PDF).
Missionary Baptist Resource Center Hits 1310 (Since 22-May-2006) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Bible study, Church history, Creation study, Salvation stories
Modern Papyrus Hits 1154 (Since 29-Oct-2004) Votes 5 Rating 10.00
Modern Papyrus is a web page dedicated to the building up of the body of Christ, one devotional at a time.
Moms Bible Journal Hits 1022 (Since 08-Dec-2006) Votes 0 Rating N/A
A record of personal verse-by-verse bible studies, topical studies and original poetry.
MPN - Bible Study Hits 1406 (Since 04-Oct-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Master's Prayer Network, MPN, provides Bible study and bible commentary, our relationship with Jesus. Study material can be copied, and other resources are listed.
MPN - Bible Study Topics Hits 622 (Since 10-Jan-2010) Votes 0 Rating N/A
MPN has Bible study topics with Bible study commentary for each subject. Studies are closed with Bible prayer. Contains gospel tracts and my Christian testimony about being blind. Learn of Christ Jesus through topical Bible study and Bible prayer.
NeverThirsty - Helping you to know God more! Hits 1483 (Since 20-May-2004) Votes 2 Rating 10.00
Weekly Bible studies, discipleship, Bible questions and answers. Site features fulfilled prophecies and historical evidence for Jesus Christ. Studies may be downloaded at no cost.
Of The Last Days:Listen, I Tell You A Mystery Hits 1485 (Since 29-Feb-2004) Votes 1 Rating 10.00
A comprehensive biblical study on the last days and the return of Jesus Christ with powerpoint presentations for online viewing.
Online Bible Study with Altogether Lovely Ministries. Hits 1022 (Since 02-Jan-2006) Votes 0 Rating N/A
A unique online Bible School featuring lay courses from Sunday School teaching to online Bible study, international missionary preparation, international courses in Bible English, Pastoring courses and accredited online Ministry college courses.
Relevant Bible Teaching Hits 1364 (Since 08-Jun-2006) Votes 0 Rating N/A
apologetics, theology, commentary, christian books, and more
RMS Bible Engineering Hits 1211 (Since 28-Jan-2005) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Bible teaching in MP3 audio plus Bible Topic Studies on Signs Wonders and Miracles, Kingdom of Heaven Parables, Unpardonable Sin, Seven Churches of Revelation, Water Baptism, Faith Healing, and Spiritual Fornication and Adultery. Two most viewed articles include How Women are Saved in Childbearing and the Death of the Apostle Peter
Scripture Release - The Topical Memory System in Song Hits 1375 (Since 04-Jun-2003) Votes 6 Rating 9.83
Scripture Release! exists to help the listener find a deeper understanding of God's purposes by using music as the vehicle for memorization of God's Word.
SMALL GROUP BIBLE STUDIES Hits 338 (Since 14-Jul-2012) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Free Bible studies for small groups.
Spiritual Bible Studies Hits 1197 (Since 26-Feb-2006) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Our purpose is to show how Christ and His Bride are depicted throughout Scripture in the form of symbols, allegories, metaphors, parables and so on.
The Bible Doctrine Website Hits 1400 (Since 17-Jun-2004) Votes 3 Rating 9.33
The purpose of this site is to teach the Word of God. Christianity is presented as a reality instead of just a religion.
The Lord's Words Verses and Parables Explained Hits 1635 (Since 14-May-2003) Votes 7 Rating 8.71
Parables or stories, verses and scripture of God and Jesus Christ have been explained in documents, using the King James Bible, to make the Lord's words and your bible study, easier to understand. Over 70 topics for you to read and/or study.
The Olive Branch Hits 1571 (Since 07-Jan-2004) Votes 2 Rating 10.00
A site to help Christians get started in a serious study of God's Word, using Word and Scripture studies, topical studies, faith filled prayers and confessions, and our weekly devotional; Soul Food.
The Opened Hits 11 (Since 26-Jan-2015) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Includes corrective teachings on: Adultery, Angels, Armageddon, Baptism, Blood, Christ, Christening, Christmas, Divorce, Earthquakes, Faith, Foods, Good news, Jehovah's Witnesses, Last days, Love, Resurrections, Sabbath, Trinity, Visions, Women, Zion.
The Word Teaches Hits 844 (Since 30-Jul-2008) Votes 0 Rating N/A
The Word Teaches - Bringing you the Word of God. Read the Bible online, Bible lessons, quizzes, quotes, wallpaper, and much more.
Theology and Bible Study Hits 812 (Since 25-Feb-2011) Votes 0 Rating N/A
This site has tons of resources on history, theology, bible studies, and commentaries. It is also short and to the point.
Understanding the Bible Hits 10 (Since 09-Oct-2014) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Understanding the Bible, the Christian faith and the Gospel: overviews, Bible studies, doctrine, resources, application, links: comprehensive site.
Useful Bible Hits 368 (Since 18-Jan-2012) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Bible studies in simple English. Over 800 pages of studies available for free download. With a Gospel emphasis. Especially useful for people who speak English as a second language. Also, Kindle ebooks available for free download. All written by Keith Simons, Bible teacher and commentator.
Web Project Coordinator Hits 615 (Since 06-Jul-2009) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Our free online Bible Study Tools found at is also a central library of Bible study help with over 29 additional translations, popular commentaries and concordances, lexicons, parallel bible, interlinear bible, dictionaries, church history books and many other Bible resources. T
What is a Protestant? Hits 1334 (Since 27-Jul-2003) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Promoting the life changing words of Jesus Christ and protesting against the demise of Christian Leadership.
What Is The Grace Of God Bible Teaching? Hits 475 (Since 08-Jul-2011) Votes 0 Rating N/A
What is the grace of God bible Teaching? Free online grace bible teachings and sermons.
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