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Updated: 11-Feb-2016

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A Bible Concordance Reference Study Library Hits 1466 (Since 29-Aug-2007) Votes 2 Rating 9.00
Free Online Bible Concordance
Amazing Bible Hits 11 (Since 28-May-2015) Votes 0 Rating N/A
A mega-site of Bible, Christian & religious information, Bible studies, doctrine, prophecy, spiritual warfare, and statistics.
Amos - Postmodern Bible Hits 2387 (Since 15-Nov-2002) Votes 2 Rating 10.00
Bible study online: Postmodern Bible Commentary - Amos: serious Bible study online with sound & picture files: literary language history & archaeology
Apologetics Index Hits 2309 (Since 06-Feb-2003) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Category: Apologetics Apologetics Index provides research resources on religious cults, sects, world religions, doctrines, etcetera
Arabic Christian Magazine The Grace offering the Arabic Bible Hits 1424 (Since 15-Mar-2007) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Bible in Arabic Audio Read search Studys Stories Testimonies Hymns and Poems Answers Books Links Daily devotions Acappella Music Graphics
Audio Bible Hits 2642 (Since 13-Nov-2002) Votes 1 Rating 10.00
Audio Bible, the King James Version narrated by Alexander Scourby is online!
Bible Research Hits 2584 (Since 05-Jul-2002) Votes 5 Rating 9.80
Comprehensive and detailed information on the history of the canon, texts, and versions of the Bible.
Bible Study Made Easy Hits 2655 (Since 22-Feb-2002) Votes 3 Rating 8.67
This site is directed mainly to those "web surfers" who have no knowledge of the Bible....but who may be persuaded to learn about salvation and the doctrines of the Bible - if these topics are made simple and easy to understand.
BibleDatabase - the home of FREE Bibles Hits 2573 (Since 29-Feb-2004) Votes 1 Rating 10.00
The official BibleDatabase site with over 70 Bibles in more than 35 languages plus the award winning BibleDatabase Bible Software. ALL FREE.
Bijbel-2015 Hits 18 (Since 19-Jan-2016) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Beknopte bewerking van de Statenvertaling (ed.1750) on-line en gratis download.
Free concise revision of the Statenvertaling (ed.1750).
Christian books Hits 125 (Since 23-Jun-2014) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Dirty Feet Ministries release simple to the point Christian books, simple to serve through Life skills Christian Services, Coaching, Consulting, Training
Christian Resource Institute Hits 2059 (Since 15-Oct-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
The Christian Resource Institute is a non-profit ministry dedicated to providing quality biblical and theological resources to anyone desiring to learn and grow in the Christian Faith.
Christian Values for Today Hits 13 (Since 15-Jul-2014) Votes 0 Rating N/A
A christian site with emphasis on Bible verses which prove the infallibility of the Bible & how science unravels the mysteries of the Bible in the present generation we live in.
Doxology_It's all about God! Hits 1543 (Since 27-Jun-2006) Votes 0 Rating N/A
God does all that He does to display and exalt His own infinite glory. This site is devoted to persuing the joy and progress of the saints as they persue their happiness in God, which is Holiness.
Free Bible Ministry Hits 2341 (Since 02-Jan-2005) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Free Bible in Print or Software to anyone that cannot afford one.
Generation Word Hits 2494 (Since 04-Oct-2005) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Bible teaching ministry that distributes 1,000's of CDs upon request.
Healing Bible Verses Hits 224 (Since 18-Sep-2013) Votes 0 Rating N/A
You can change your life with healing Bible verses. Bible verses on love, faith, friendship, marriage and more, that encourage, inspire and empower.
Holy Land sites review Hits 1422 (Since 14-May-2007) Votes 1 Rating 1.00
Review of biblical places in the Holy Land. Photos, Information, Travel, Biblical references, Historical references, Maps and links.
This new web site visits places of interest from the Old and New Testaments, Crusader sites, and other historical ancient sites in the Galilee and other regions in Israel.
Living By God's Word Hits 144 (Since 27-Jun-2014) Votes 0 Rating N/A
The Bible is the greatest book every written. It contains all of the answers to life's questions.
New Testament Christian Hits 1033 (Since 03-Jul-2007) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Our goal is to glorify God by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and by providing sound biblical doctrine on the basic beliefs of the Christian faith.
New Testament Gateway Hits 1675 (Since 10-Nov-2001) Votes 1 Rating 9.00
The web directory of internet resources related to the New Testament. This comprehensive, up-to-date and user-friendly site has won several awards and it features annotated links on everything from the Greek New Testament to Jesus in Film. Visit often to browse this constantly expanding site or to use its fast search facility. You can purchase your NT books here to help support the development of the New Testament Gateway.
Nieuwe Testament Hits 652 (Since 31-Oct-2010) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Beknopte bewerking van het Nieuwe Testament (SV van 1750). online en gratis download)
free concise revision of the new testament (SV of 1750)
Pictorial explanations of the Bible Hits 1528 (Since 14-Apr-2003) Votes 1 Rating 9.00
Pictorial explantions of the Bible, with helpful written comments.
School of Biblical Studies (SBS) - YWAM Switzerland Hits 961 (Since 02-Apr-2008) Votes 3 Rating 9.00
We want to help Christians to study the bible inductively and take out of it, what is in it. In 9 months through each of the 66 books. This is a valuable investment to get a strong biblical foundation. This Bible school is a registered course within the University of the Nations, YWAM's international university.
Thai KJV Bible Online Hits 1744 (Since 08-Feb-2002) Votes 5 Rating 10.00
Thai version of the King James Version online
The Bible in Tachelhit (Souss) - Morocco Hits 1081 (Since 10-Jan-2007) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Christian resources (New Testament and other Bible portions, video, mp3, pdf) for people from the Souss region in Southern Morocco.
The Bible in Tamazight (Middle Atlas Berber) - Morocco Hits 1109 (Since 12-Jan-2007) Votes 0 Rating N/A offers Bible portions in Tamazight (Middle Atlas Morocco) in PDF and MP3. Online Radio in Tamazight is available from the site.
The Bible inTarifit (Rifberber - Northern Morocco) Hits 1012 (Since 11-Jan-2007) Votes 0 Rating N/A provides you with Bible portions in Tarifit (Rifberber) as pdf and mp3 files for download.
The Christianity Guide Hits 1069 (Since 30-Dec-2006) Votes 0 Rating N/A
The site for christian culture, history, denominations, catholicism, protestantism,
the bible, sermons and many more topics for your religious studies. Read about the principles and practices of the christian religion and see how invaluable the message of Jesus can be in the modern world.
The Greek Holy Bible Hits 1374 (Since 24-Jun-2003) Votes 0 Rating N/A
The Greek Holy Bible.
Through the Bible with Zac Poonen Hits 978 (Since 15-Nov-2007) Votes 0 Rating N/A
70 one-hour expositions that bring out the distinctive message of each book of the Bible.
understanding and teaching the Bible Hits 1636 (Since 20-Feb-2003) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Over 30 pages of resources for Christians who want to understand the Bible properly and for leaders who want to teach it effectively. Overviews, study guides, courses for new christians, articles on doctrine, Bible time-line,leadership training, Bible exercises, how to prepare and lead, outlines for sermons/talks, articles on application.
Why I Am Pro-Life Hits 166 (Since 09-Nov-2012) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Pro-life vs. pro-choice? Abortion vs. childbirth? God's pro-life position is clear.
wordprokids Hits 1189 (Since 20-Dec-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Multilanguage Bible with simultaneous display in 5 languages [Chinese - (traditional, simplified and pinyin), English, Portuguese, Spanish and French]
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