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Updated: 11-Feb-2016

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A Christian clothing and jewelry store Hits 2220 (Since 11-Jul-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Awesome Christian clothing, t-shirts, tote bags, jewelry, necklaces, and sterling silver rings. Wholesales and fundraisers available. True Love Waits and Vow of Purity rings.
A Different Direction Christian Apparel & Jewelry Hits 2279 (Since 02-Nov-2002) Votes 3 Rating 10.00
Great Christian apparel & jewelry including t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, sterling silver rings, ties & neclackes to help you share your faith. Clothing for the whole family as shirts are available in youth and adult sizes.
Bereavement Store Hits 2279 (Since 10-May-2004) Votes 1 Rating 10.00
Framed bereavement gifts offer sympathy, comfort and lasting encouragement to those stricken by grief after losing a loved one.
Bible Notebooks Hits 2115 (Since 15-Oct-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
No Bible study is complete, without the perfect study aid. Now for Christians convenience the perfect Bible notebook with all 66 books of the Bible. Over 250 pages for notes. Book is available in 2 sizes 8.5 X 11 and 5.5 X 8.5.
Bible-based books and free online resources for daily living Hits 1881 (Since 23-Jun-2004) Votes 3 Rating 10.00
Free online Bible studies on marriage, parenting, anger, depression and other daily-living issues, as well as books on similar topics.
Bridge Ministries and Seminars Hits 1963 (Since 28-Jul-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
LifePlan coach, christian seminars and christian workshops by Bridge Ministries.
Christian Business Advertising - Popunder and Banner Exchange Hits 1831 (Since 21-Aug-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Receive Free Christian Traffic Participate in our exclusively Christian popunder and banner exchange and watch your traffic Soar!
Christian Web Hosting Hits 2121 (Since 05-Jul-2003) Votes 1 Rating 10.00
Top notch Web-Hosting. Lowest prices, best service for Churches, schools, private pages. UNIX based, unlimited POP and WEB email, FREE Domain name.
Church Prayer Cloths Hits 720 (Since 24-Nov-2010) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Church prayer cloths with scriptures, borders and church info printed on cloths.
Elderado Financial Hits 1795 (Since 27-Jul-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Christian financial planner uses the Bible as a guide for advice. We are fee-only investment advisors who invest our client's money in a fund that will most likely profit our client.
End Time Ministries Hits 1761 (Since 17-Apr-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Christian Ministry,Books,Teaching Tapes,Missions,
Links,Awards,Monthly Newsletter,Search Engines,Bi-Lingual, Radio & Television Programs, Non-Profit Organization.
Faith Like Coffee Hits 578 (Since 26-Mar-2012) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Christian family owned and operated. Internet based business selling freshly roasted coffee from around the world while sharing the Gospel (Good News of Jesus).
Free Christian website templates and church templates Hits 1659 (Since 11-Aug-2006) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Download free Christian website templates, church website templates, Christian announcements, news and events, Christian forum on
Hidden Garden Sewing Hits 697 (Since 29-Apr-2010) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Seamstress in Huntsville, AL makes Biblicaly modest clothing and swimdresses.
InterComm Media Hits 1734 (Since 05-Jun-2003) Votes 1 Rating 10.00
InterComm Media produces Christian films, videos, and filmstrips in 47 languages for all ages for use by missionaries and mission organizations in reaching international communities with the Gospel.
Interior Artisans Stained Glass Hits 2200 (Since 02-Mar-2003) Votes 1 Rating 9.00
Stained glass windows for churches.
Jo-Na's Gifts by Mail Hits 1936 (Since 12-Nov-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
We sell framed Christian artwork, Scripture Tea, bookmarks, pocketcards and boxed Christian greeting cards
KCIC Porcelain and Glass Christmas Ornaments Hits 1851 (Since 29-May-2002) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Elegant, personalized porcelain or hand painted glass Christian Christmas ornaments. Gift packaged with or without an ornament stand. These ornaments will enhance your celebration of a Christmas that begins with Christ.
Listener's Audio Bible with Max McLean Hits 1593 (Since 25-Jan-2007) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Max McLean's Listener's Audio Bible -- Premier audio Bible in NIV, ESV and KJV versions. Available on CD for for a direct download for your iPod and MP3 player. Find out more now.
Ministry Tools Resource Center Hits 1639 (Since 25-May-2005) Votes 1 Rating 10.00
Teachers, leaders, people helpers and others in Christian church ministry find training on spiritual gifts, body life, teaching, Christian education, helping, shepherding, staffing, and prayer, along with Bible curriculum and ministry training materials, profiles, and recommended resources.
Mpakt Events Hits 1102 (Since 13-Apr-2008) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Encouraging Christians to Evangelise their parties and events. Birthdays,VBS,Baby Shower,Graduation,Holidays. Tableware to Pinata packed inside a box.
Murton System Technologies Hits 1496 (Since 12-Feb-2002) Votes 2 Rating 9.50
Murton System Technologies is a leading Developer and Manufacturer of electronic systems, sub-assemblies and electronic products. Established in 1979, we are fully ISO9002 compliant, offering World-Class products to World markets at truly value for money prices.
My Pocket Church Mobile App Development Company Hits 398 (Since 21-Dec-2012) Votes 0 Rating N/A
My Pocket Church apps is a development company that develops ipad, iphone and Android apps. Church apps help the members and visitors communicate more.
Practical Bible Teaching Hits 990 (Since 21-Jun-2008) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Learning to live the real Christian life.
Printing of Christian books, Bibles & Magazines Hits 589 (Since 15-Aug-2009) Votes 0 Rating N/A
We could be your ideal place to print and publish your christian materials.
By God's grace, we have printed millions and have shipped them to almost all the corners of the world. Please visit our website and write to us today.
Rejoice Dance Ministry Hits 123 (Since 07-Sep-2013) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Providing quality liturgical praise and worship dance wear to dance ministries across the world
Religious Translations ! Hits 948 (Since 08-Jan-2006) Votes 1 Rating 10.00
This site offers top quality religious translations. English to Romanian and Romanian to English religious translations done by an experienced translator and theologian. Dependable and accurate!
Sonia King's Gospel Music Hits 875 (Since 02-Mar-2007) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Inspiring, original songs praising God and proclaiming the Gospel. Music and lyrics to inspire and encourage.
Tents and air domes Hits 1227 (Since 29-Apr-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Designers & Producers of Pole Tents, Metal Frame Tents,Clear span portable structures, and large Air Domes for Arenas, chruches, sports covers, warehouse space, pool covers, construction covers, golf, tennis, baseball, football, racing, schools, releif, golbal events.
The Verse of the Day Hits 1360 (Since 04-Jun-2009) Votes 1 Rating 10.00
Needing encouragement? Do you have access to your e-mail each day? Our Verse of the Day e-mail list is available to you! God's Word brings hope and encouragement into life and helps keep His children focused on Jesus. Come be refreshed by the Lord's love letter to His people.
Translation Company Hits 757 (Since 11-May-2010) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Kwintessential are a UK based Christian owned company. We deal with all world languages in any format. We are ISO:9001 accredited and have many years of experience. Discount for fellow Christian companies.
World Invisible Hits 1871 (Since 20-Dec-2002) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Includes a Business Newsletter Call CBI, on-line books, videos and audios, Apologetics.
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