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30-days of prayer for the Muslim world Hits 2365 (Since 25-Jun-2005) Votes 2 Rating 10.00
Coinciding with Ramadan, we offer daily prayer guides for the Christian world.
Autism Awareness Week - Prayers for Autism Hits 2619 (Since 16-Jun-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Churches around the world now use Vernon Corea's Prayers for Autism in Autism Awareness Week.
Beautiful Blue Ocean Hits 747 (Since 18-Jan-2011) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Prayer Requests
Choose Jesus Hits 213 (Since 05-Feb-2014) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Interactive site with video testimony and prayer request facilities
Global Prayer Map Hits 1137 (Since 16-Feb-2009) Votes 0 Rating N/A
The Global Prayer Map is a site, where users can post prayer requests and is dedicated in uniting all Christ followers across the many mediums of communication to further the Kingdom of Christ through our common language of prayer.
His Place - The Place Of Prayer Hits 2931 (Since 13-Dec-2003) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Prayer is the key that unlocks the power of God in His people. Come, let us pray.
Hope - House of Prayer England Hits 1035 (Since 11-Apr-2009) Votes 1 Rating 10.00
Aiming towards the vision for 24/7 prayer in Northwest England. Reaching people, changing lives through prayer. Ministring in Churches like yours, Reaching out to those in need.
Intercessor Chicks Hits 2302 (Since 11-Mar-2005) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Online forum for Intercessors and those in need of prayer
Intercessor Prayer Network Hits 1544 (Since 27-Aug-2007) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Christian prayer for everyone. Based in Spain, this small but growing team of international intercessors is passionate about prayer.
Lords Prayer Hits 1485 (Since 16-Aug-2007) Votes 0 Rating N/A
The Lords prayer in many versions and translations including English, Spanish, German, Irish, Welsh, Aramaic, Latin, French, Old English, and Catholic. Also features related free music, film, and bible notes resources.
Mercy and Grace Hits 1825 (Since 29-Oct-2005) Votes 0 Rating N/A
We believe in the Word of God, to be alive and in the call of the Great Commision, to built the true Church - the body of Christ; we wish to follow His request that we love one another to edification and pray for all those in need. We wish to pray for you.
My Fathers House Hits 1923 (Since 30-Nov-2005) Votes 0 Rating N/A
An International House of Prayer and Healing in the Spirit
PBiPO Intercessors ministry Hits 473 (Since 06-Jan-2012) Votes 0 Rating N/A
To encourage and inspire Christians to pray for countries, tribal nations and society. To motivate them to seek to develop their prayer life.
Pray-it Say-it Hits 3574 (Since 04-Dec-2002) Votes 1 Rating 10.00
Helping you pray God's Word over your need and the needs of others.
Prayer 4 All People Hits 2704 (Since 17-Nov-2002) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Prayer Portal web site. Submit and view requests at multiple sites. Resources for informed prayer concerning world missions and the persecuted church. "for mine house shall be called an house of - PRAYER FOR ALL PEOPLE."
Prayer and Prayer requests. Find a Church or Ministries. Crisis Help Hits 1261 (Since 29-Mar-2009) Votes 0 Rating N/A
At All about the cross If you need prayer, please click on Prayer request. Your prayer can be private or posted so we can all pray for you.
Praying For Hits 2713 (Since 18-Aug-2004) Votes 0 Rating N/A
Regular prayer letter and resources for Christians that want to pray for Israel and the Jewish people.
Revelation Daily End-times Headlines Hits 11 (Since 05-Nov-2014) Votes 0 Rating N/A
End-times headlines related to Biblical end-times prophecies and Christian Breaking news. Watch Bible Movies Online and online prayer.
True Gospel - Prayer partners needed to move gospel worldwide Hits 844 (Since 14-Mar-2010) Votes 2 Rating 10.00
Welcome to Prayeramid.Org where we invite everyone from everywhere in the world to help preach & spread the true gospel worldwide
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