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Reseller Introduction, Reseller Hosting plans

Q. I know nothing about web hosting. Should I become a reseller?

Probably not. However, nothing prevents you from learning the basics and once you grasp those, pretty much anyone can make a success of it.

The main thing to keep in mind is that as a reseller, your customers will be looking to you for technical support. Would you be happy purchasing a product from someone who knew nothing about their own product? In the same way, you cannot expect to be a successful reseller if you are not internet/web competent.

Q. Where can I find the pricing and plan details?

For regular web hosting here and for reseller accounts here.

Q. Where can I see all the feature of a reseller control panel?

Watch the tutorial flash movies.

NOTE: Some features may not be present for security reasons. For example, you may have a shell account but you will not be able to offer shell accounts to your customers.

Q. How many customers can I have on a reseller account?

That's like asking "How long is a piece of string". It will vary vastly depending on the type of accounts you offer and the size and complexity of your customers sites.

Most of our resellers have between 10 and 400 of their own custoemrs.

For example, you could easily fit 200 or more small accounts (10 pages + a few images per site) into a single reseller package. On the other hand, a single site like our Message Board would require several reseller accounts. Not because it is so big space wise but because it eats up all the CPU power on a server on it's own.

We do not allow a single (standard/un-upgraded) reseller account to consume more than 5%, 7% and 10% of server resources respectively. This is generally the governing factor.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your reseller account:

  • Use Standard HTML pages where possible. They require the least resources.

  • JavaScript and Flash are client based and requires ZERO server resources. Use them freely, although Flash can be consume a lot of disk space if not done carefully.

  • PHP, CGI (Perl), SSI, SSL (even if it is standard HTML) and MySQL are server intensive. Never use these just for the sake of using them as the are resource hungry.

  • Be careful of large images, MPEG and MP3 files and any media content basically. They can eat disk space in a hurry.

  • Watch out for customers who set unlimited mailboxes. This can quickly eat into their (and therefore your) disk quota.

  • Make sure your customers know that spam box mailboxes need to be checked and emptied from time to time or they grow to become huge. Better still, create plans that don't allow for a spambox.

Q. Can I upgrade my reseller account?

Yes you can. You can upgrade it in increments from the basic reseller plan until you have your own server if that's what you want.

Q. Can I get an entire server dedicated just for my account?

Yes you can. As many as you want. Our server prices vary from about $100.00 per month to over $700.00 depending on what you need. All our servers are 100% managed so you don't need to worry about that part at all. If you need one, contact us (link on top of page) with your spec and we will be happy to quote you.

Q Can I switch (upgrade) from regular hosting to a reseller account?

Yes you can. At any time. Your website control panel will remain the same. The only difference is you get a second reseller control panel which you use to create your customer accounts.

Q. Are there other costs involved in being a reseller?

Not from us. However, you will incur costs such as domain registration costs, advertising costs (if you advertise) and of course the time you spend on support. You may also need some form of billing/financial software to manage your business once you have more than just a few customers.

Q. What should I charge my customers for hosting?

That's up to you. A good rule of thumb is to see what others charge and pitch your price somewhere in between. However, it will all depend on what service you offer and what kind of value added services you provide. For example, do you include website design in your price? Do you offer monthly maintenance contracts etc. All of this will determine what value you add to the basic service you offer and therefore what it's value to your customer is.

Q. What kind of support should I offer?

That's entirely up to you. Phone support is good for the most part but the problem is that you cannot be at the phone all the time. Email support is preferred by most since it costs them nothing. A Message Board can also work well but is generally not much use for quick response times.

There are also 3rd party companies you can use to answer the phone "as you" 24/7/365. I really wound not recommend them since your customer would be dealing with someone who has no idea of how you work.

Q. Can I customize what my customers see in their Control Panels with my own logo?

Absolutely! You can set custom text and a logos in your Customer's Control Panel.

Q. Will my customers have access to the proprietary scripts offered by Webnet77?

Advanced Bible Search, Secure Form mail etc will be available to your customers at no charge using the same URL's as for regular Webnet77 hosting customers. However, some of the scripts have a "powered by Webnet77" at the bottom. We are working on ways for resellers to provide their own branding in future. In the meantime, don't link to the scripts if you don't want to display our branding.

Q. Can I run my own private label DNS servers?

Yes you can on the Super Reseller package. You need to register the domain first and setup two nameservers at the registrar with two IP addresses we will provide you. There is a setup fee as well as a small additional monthly fee.

NOTE: ARIN limits IP addresses because they have become scarce. Two IP addresses are required for Name Servers and is subject to availability.

Q. Is it a problem if I don't run my own DNS?

No, not at all. The only "problem" is your customer will see your DNS domain is registered to Webnet77 if they do a WHOIS lookup. Most customers would not bother to do this anyway (or would not know how to) and those that do, in most cases wouldn't care, provided your pricing and service is adequate. (Remember, the way we have structured the reseller costing actually allows you to offer the same or even better packages than what we offer at the same price and still make a profit. So long as your customer is happy with your service, there would be no reason to abandon you).

After many years in the hosting business, we have found it to be abundantly true that cost is not everything. Obviously people won't pay ridiculous prices. However, if your price is fair, the most important thing you can offer is good service. Web hosting is all about service.

Q. Can I link to the Webnet77 tutorials or must I get my own?

You are welcome to link to our tutorials. However, once you get going you will probably want to get your own. We bought ours from demodemo.com. There are many other sites selling tutorials. Check their pricing and preview the tutorials before you buy.

Q. Will Webnet77 support my customers?

Absolutely not. We will under no circumstances support your customers. This is for you to do. Please do not refer your customers to us directly for support.

Q. Will my reseller account be on a dedicated IP?

No. Reseller accounts use the main shared IP of the server. However, we can provide a dedicated IP address for a small monthly fee.

Q. Will I be able to offer dedicated IP addresses to my customers?

At a small monthly cost yes on the R-Super plan yes. Please note that because of the scarcity of IP addresses in the IPV4 address space we are required by ARIN to provide motivation for dedicated IP addresses. In most cases an IP will be approved if it is for something like a SSL certificate where it is required. Dedicated IP's will generally not be approved for self-signed certificates.

Q. I want to be able to sell domains. How do I do that?

It does cost. There is an yearly fee which you pay regardless of how many domains you sell. The fee is determined by the type of account you purchase and the registry you get it from. You can purchase an account from us or through several of the domain registries. Contact us for details.

Our domain reseller accounts (and most others) allow you to set your own pricing.

Tip: if you have less than 100 domains, it is probably better not to go to the cost of a reseller account but to purchase the domains however you purchase them now until you have enough to warrant the cost of a reseller account. You can setup an account for free here.

Q. May my customers host sites with adult content?

Absolutely not. Our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy apply equally to all accounts - your main reseller account as well as the accounts of your customers.

Q. Should I be concerned if one (or more) of my customers is a spammer?

Indeed you should! Our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy are very clear on this and can get your reseller privileges revoked if your customer use our servers for UCE (unsolicited Commercial Email) or any other unlawful activity. Please make sure you thoroughly understand both our TOS as well as the AUP.

Q. Can I host IRC clients or servers?

No. We do not allow IRC at this time.

Q. Can I host games servers? Do you provide gaming servers?

Not at this time. However we plan to in the future.

Q. Do you require information about my customers?

No we do not, but you do since you need to bill them.

Q. If a customer needs a special port opened, can you do that?

This will depend on what the port is for and which port it is. You would need to contact us and motivate your request.

Q. If a customer needs a special module installed, can you do that?

This will depend on several things - whether the module can be installed (i.e. if it does not conflict with other modules). Whether the module would be beneficial to others etc. Please contact us for more information.

Q. Will Webnet77 invoice my customers or must I?

You are running your own business. We will only invoice you for your reseller account with us. How you invoice your customers and collect monies from them is up to you.


Reseller Introduction, Reseller Hosting plans

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