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Run a  mailing list with no advertising, banners etc from your site allowing your members/customers to subscribe directly to your mailing list. FREE More...


Sell software from your site or Manage Timed Downloads for your Members Section with this powerful versatile application. Password protected downloads, email updates, lost password, send mail, mailing list - the works!



Advanced Bible Search and Read Script

Suite of powerful Scripts written in Perl for your Website. Now you can add your own Advanced Bible Search and Read functionality to your site without having to link to someone else's. Strong stuff! FREE


HTMLCompiler Compile any BibleDatabase Bible into HTML for use on your Web Site or your PC or MAC. FREE More..
Scripture Moment If you have a Website you can put a verse of Scripture on it that changes each time the page is refreshed. FREE More..
perl counter A perl script you can use to put counters on all your web pages FREE More..
SpamBotPoison Do you get hundreds or even thousands of Spam emails every year? Had enough? SpamBotPoison will try to solve that for you by feeding the spammers email harvester with thousands of believable but totally useless email addresses. FREE More..
POP Diag POP Server Diagnostic tool - handy tool for network administrators, small hosting companies, webmasters. FREE More..
Header/Footer Header/Footer Use this simple script to add headers to all your pages. Especially handy for generating headers over different domains. FREE More...
Form Mailer A generic Form Mailer with some nice security features. Can email almost any kind of form FREE More..
IP to Country Track visitors to your site and put a cool IP to Country lookup table on your website FREE More..


TABLE CROOZER TABLE CROOZER A cool set of Perl Scripts which allow you to view, search and sort through tables in any MySQL database. Really handy for web software developers and any MySQL application generally FREE More..
BACKUP BACKUP LITE Backup any Server from one location to another. If it has an internet connection, this software can back it up! To anywhere! Safely, securely. FREE More..
cPanel Backup cPanel WHM Use on cPanel servers to backup user accounts. This collection of scripts assists with load management during backup as well as several other unique features.

This script requires you have root access to your server. It is not an end user application.
FREE More..
IP->COUNTRY IP TO COUNTRY A IP to Country Database which is automatically updated from the following registries American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), RIPE NCC, Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC), The Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (LACNIC) FREE Use it!
IP-Country Script IP-Country Script A free script to enable you to use our IP to Country Database on your website to lookup the country of origin for an IP address. FREE More....
Encryption Need to make an .htaccess (.htpasswd) file or calculate a CRC, MD5 or blowfish encrypt some text? This handy online form will do it for you. FREE More..
Lister Module Lister A Simple Perl Script to list all the installed Perl Modules on your Website/Server FREE


BG Blood Glucose If you are a diabetic and intend traveling outside your own country, be aware that Blood Glucose is measured in different units in different parts of the world. This hand form does the conversion for you. FREE

Use it!

Podcast/RSS tools A Tool for making Podcast files FREE

Use it


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