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Easy to Use MySQL Table Browser/Manager

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What it does

A Perl Script and two Perl Modules which will allow you to easily display, search and sort any MySQL Tables in a standard Web Browser

How to use

This is a must-have utility if you are a developer or have MySQL applications running on your Website or Web Server. This is how it works:
Step # 1 - Select a Table

Once installed and you point your browser to the script, you are presented with a Drop-Down Box listing all tables in your current database like so

Step # 2 - Define how Table should be displayed

You define how the script should display each field in the table. You can

  • Choose the order in which fields are displayed
  • Choose whether a filed is visible or not
  • Choose the data Type. Currently supports the following display formatting:
    • Boolean 1 or 0
    • Boolean YES or NO
    • Currency
    • Date
    • Email (long and/or short URL format)
    • IP to integer or Integer to IP
    • Integer
    • Text 25, Text 255 or Text any length
    • URL link - short and/or long
  • Save the view.


Step #3 - View/Sort/Search MySQL Table Data

Once Defines you can:

  • Search tables in any field for records
    • Containing or matching,
    • Less than, Less or equal to
    • Greater than, Greater or equal to
  • Order by an column or Reverse order
  • Choose how many results should be returned

Whether you are a PHP, Perl or Python Developer or simply have a message Board, Guestbook or other MySQL application running on your web server, this application will allow you to quickly and efficiently search through large MySQL tables and find the stuff you're looking for directly in your Web Browser.

Nicely Formatted HTML output compatible with most browsers
Server and Module Requirements

  • A *NIX server (Linux, UNIX etc) with Perl 5.006 or later installed (It will probably run on Windoze too but it has NOT been tested on this platform. If you run it on a Win32 platform you do so at your own risk),

  • Requires DBI Perl and the standard CGI modules to be installed on your server.


Terms of Supply
  • Software is supplied with absolutely no warranty at all. If it breaks your server it is not our problem.

Limited help is available at the forum only. We do not provide help for this product via email.

Even though you will be downloading the source code at the link below, it's pretty obfuscated. If you want a clean copy of the code with comments and permission to remove the copyright notice you can get a license for $25.95 by clicking this link and paying online.

Download zip file here


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