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cPanel WHM Server Backup script

We have been using this software for several years and it works fine for us on CentOS running cPanel 11.24 or later. We never planned to release it so the documentation is still a bit shaky. If you do use it please let us know.

The cPanel WHM plugin is an afterthought and although it is functional, the software works fine without it.
  1. Download the text file below and save as wbu_installer.sh in your home directory (usually /root).
  2. CHMOD file to 700
  3. Enter ./wbu_installer.sh
  4. On the local server, create folders /BACKUP/MyBackup and  /BACKUP/MyBackup/Local-BU/ (where /BACKUP is whatever cPanel's backup is set to in WHM)
  5. On Remote server /PathToRemoteBackup/MyBackup (where /PathToRemoteBackup is whatever cPanel's backup is set to in WHM)
  6. Confirm that the following directories exist and create if necesscary:

  7. In WHM, set everything up the way you usually would bu make sure the setting restore only is checked.
  8. Run /etc/wbu -h for firther instructions and testing


Installer Script


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