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We figured, the best way to tell you about our service is to let some of our customers speak for us. This is what just some of them have  to say about our service.

NOTE: The statements made below are all spontaneous remarks made to us in regular email correspondence and are all published with the full knowledge and consent of the writers.

From Noel - USA

I believe we have everything fixed. Thanks so much for your help with this.

I have said this before, but I must say it again. I have never had a bad experience with WebNet77. :) You guys are great and I do not hesitate to share that with anyone I know looking for a web host.

Thanks so much.

Noel Horneck
From Eyal - Israel

Thank you for your wonderful hosting and REALLY the bending over backwards which is not around these days. I truly see that you take -- customer service -- seriously.

Appreciate all you've done!  

Eyal S. Kidron
From Beth - USA

I wanted to let you know that I put a link to your site on my website's links page. I am not asking you to reciprocate, I just wanted to make sure it was OK with you.

You were very kind and patient with me when I started and I have not had ANY problems with your service, so I would like to do this for you.

My business is an online classified site just for Christian churches. Thanks and have a great day.

From Dave - USA

Believe me when I say I am very sorry to report that we will not be renewing destinationmali.org with you. As hard as we worked at it, the project as a whole just didn't work out.

That aside, I sincerely want to thank you for your company, all of the help and conversation you offered in that first year, and for your faith based outlook on life. I felt as though I was working with a friend and that made the business relationship even better. I'm glad that we had the opportunity to help you too if even for a short time.

If it is God's will for this to continue in the future rest assured that we WILL be back!

Thank you and may God bless you.


Dave and Diana

From Bahram - USA

Thanks so much for always being there and helping and answering my questions.  I am so happy to have found you guys and am doing business with you.  I am referring Webnet77 to others as well.

God bless,

From Dave - South Africa

Thanks for the great service. We highly recommend Webnet77!

Dave Dunn
DAETA International
From Vicki - USA

I really appreciate your fast response and I just want to say that its really nice dealing with such a great company, I am truly a satisfied customer and really happy that I found Webnet77 and I know I will always be your customer because I don’t believe I would find as good of service anywhere else and I credit this to your being a Christian company, and it really shows.

May God continue to bless you,


From Paul - USA

I really appreciate all of the work you put into this.  I think that it has convinced those on our board who talk about spending less on our website that your service is a bargain.  

From Nathan - USA

I also just want to say that I really appreciate the good work that you do. You always respond so quick and are always on top of everything. You obviously know your line of work very well. Know that what you are doing isn’t just a job, but it furthering God’s kingdom. In my case, whether it’s jesusstory.com, camtn.com, or cornerstonecomputing.net, all of these are ministries that the Lord is using – and the web page for each of these is an integral part of each of these. So for all of this, I say THANK YOU!

Cornerstone Academy
From Dave - Mali

Every web hosting site… well… hosts web sites. What’s really important is how that company communicates with its customers, particularly, when something goes wrong. When it comes to both customer service and technical support Webnet77 goes above and beyond!

I spent weeks sorting through the advertisements for dozens of hosting companies until I came upon Webnet77. I had so many questions about how to both develop and post a web site that, well, I was overwhelmed. Webnet77 not only pointed me to their excellent tutorial videos but also took the time to actually answer many of my individual questions via email! From there everything was easy. Setting up my new account was effortless and supported by pages and pages of account and setup information. The site went up and everything has been running along so smoothly that I should have known that yesterday would come…

All it took was one little mistake (on my part) and my web site was gone! In a panic I contacted Webnet77. Within 30 minutes I received an email response and a handful of very patient emails later (injected with humor and encouragement) they had me all straightened out and the web site was back up and running.

From initial inquiry to account and site setup to troubleshooting to quick, friendly and competent service Webnet77 has been wonderful!

Many, many thanks!


web site: destinationmali.org
From: Thomas - UK

I would just like to thank you all at Webnet77 for all your hard work and for your loyalty and love for Christ Jesus, and indeed, we all as your loyal customers benefit from this gift. Thank you for your service to me personally and for blessing all thoughts people whom I know will come to faith due to our Ministry Work.

From: Vicki - USA

Your hosting has been great However, I will no longer be hosting with WebNet77 for financial reasons -- because my site is more 'personal' I am going to move my domain to a free site / blogger ...

I REALLY have appreciated WebNet77 hosting, your uptime, your customer service, and all the extras that WebNet77 has to offer In this light I've recommended you to friends with total confidence of your good services and hosting, and I will continue to do so. Thank you.


From: Chris - Australia

Just want to thank you for your help with this. You still have the best customer service on the web IMHO.

Thanks again mate and God Bless you


From: Lynda - USA

Your assistance is very much appreciated.. I have saved the info and forwarded a copy to our webmaster for future reference. Our administration team sends their collective thanks as well.

May you be doubly blessed for taking the time to help during a Holiday weekend. We've been around for a number of years and never before received such excellent and immediate customer service.


Website: TehillahDreams
From: Chris - Australia

Thank you for your outstanding customer service and for your product.

I have 2 webnet77 sites and 5 hosted domains and have never experienced a website “down”. Neither have I had a problem that wasn’t immediately addressed in an efficient and friendly manner.

I am from Australia and I have, and will continue to, recommend Webnet77 to everyone here who enquires about hosting.

Thanks and Bless you heaps

Website: Home Ministry
From: Heather - USA

Oh my goodness, thank you SO much! You have been such a blessing, your customer support is phenomenal, keep up the good work!

You rock, thank you! :)

Website: Moms Making a Difference

From: Joy - USA

Thanks, you ROCK!!

I will let our church leadership know about all the help you and Webnet77 have done and the timely response in dealing with our problems.

We praise God for the work that you do in serving others.

Website: cotsr
From: Dr. Ken Boudreau - USA

I just wanted to take the time in thanking you for allowing the body of Christ use their ministry gifts for both the churched and un-churched. Thank you for making my site available and may God bless you as you continue and prosper in all your hard work. Please read this for all at one of your management meetings.  

Dr. Ken Boudreau
Website: linkto-inspiration

From: Fred - USA

Easy to use. You guys are the best. This will be my second site (of many)!

Website: fredmillerjr
From: Nettie - USA

Thank you soooo very much for your help and patience... Rest assured I will pass along how great y'all are to anyone who asks.

God Bless!

Website: nettiebelle

From Louis - Canada

Your attention and support is outstanding.

Website: Union Congregational Church

From: Sondra - UK

You are a miracle worker!  I tried everything you said, and everything worked perfectly on the website!  I thank God for you and your help--thank you, thank you, thank you!  I think I can finally be done with this volunteer project!  Yeah!

Thank you also for the personal touch of calling me.  When you called I hadn't slept in almost two days because of this problem, and I was able (and will be able to now!) to sleep tonight night.  I will continue to encourage that church to use your hosting service because of the outstanding technical support you give.  God bless you!

Website: Ridge Bible Church

From: Adrian - South Africa

When I was processing my domain purchase today, I was once again reminded of how much peace of mind I have when working with Webnet77. The domain account management area is so comprehensive, secure and professionally laid out. This coupled with the fact that I've met you in person gives me the greatest peace of mind one could reasonably hope for. You probably do know how awful it is when one has suspicions and doubts about the authenticity and reliability of a site that offers an on-line purchasing facility. Fortunately, I have none of that with your operation and because my web business forms the backbone of my photographic business, I need this peace of mind and assurance of honesty when dealing with a Web Host. You guys offer it all Thank you once again, and I appreciate the personalized attention you give me, because this is the absolute 'cherry on top' for me. :)

Website: Photocreative

From: Josh D - USA

... I got it working!
 I can't imagine getting better service from a hosting company.  Quick response to all my questions.  More importantly you were patient with my ignorance.  You have earned my business for quite awhile.
Josh D.
Website: Greater Alton Church

From: Pat - USA

Email #1:

Thank you. You are awesome. :) I got the info I needed via eNom so I'll head over and fill out the registration for a WebNet77 hosting package. I will be one happy webmaster to have the church website hosted by your company. I've had nothing but great service all year with WebNet77 on my personal site....

...You wouldn't believe the problems I've had with the church's hosting provider these past couple of years, the least of my problems being extremely poor customer service.  Then I send a support question or comment to WebNet77 about my personal site and get an in-depth and very helpful response back in a couple of hours - sometimes even minutes. It's been quite a refreshing change. I've also found the WebNet77 site to be very informative and user friendly. I'm glad the church finally decided to let me move their site.

Thank you for all that you do!

Email #2: (three weeks later)

Thank you very much! I continue to marvel at the wonderful customer service I receive from Webnet77. I work a bit on another site and related sites and we just changed servers for the umpteenth time. I think they went for the cheapest price and now they are "paying for it" by receiving zero support. I'll be recommending your company before the next move.

Websites: Placentia Presbyterian, Rize and Shine

From: Sally - USA

This is my third account with you guys! You're a blessing; keep up the awesome work!

Websites: Home School Crusaders, oaim

From: Joanne - UK

I OWE YOU BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!! I promise to tell everyone I know to use you guys as a hosting company. You are awesome, you are wonderful!!! I can not thank you enough. This is the type of customer service that has made me your loyal customer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!

Website: Emmanuel Baptist Church

From: Adrian - South Africa

As you well know, I've already checked this new offering out and it's excellent. I really like it. I'm proud to be a Webnet77 client because you guys have a passion for the game and provide me (all your clients for that matter) with ongoing improvements and patient backup support service which I truly appreciate in absolute abundance.

Website: Photocreative

From: David - USA

You are the best web host around and you can quote me on that.

Website: Seekers Network

From: Dave - USA

My church is VERY impressed with the hosting you provide.  I so glad that they were able to make the move! Thanks for your quick action. You guys are the best.

Website: ohmer

From: Peggy - USA

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for what you've done and for the great service I've received from Webnet77. I couldn't be happier. And I take every chance opened to me to promote and praise your hosting services.


From: Troy - USA

... Thank you so much for your assistance. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Webnet77 thus far and I pray that Pedenites and Sumachcpchurch have found long term home. Webnet77 is a blessing.

Websites: sumachcpchurch

From: Rick - USA

Webnet77, in my opinion, is the best Internet hosting service available. Prior to you, I was being charged excessively by another hosting company and after discovering your service (thank you, Jesus) I found out that you not only offer a more competitive and a more fair price, but, in my opinion, you offer a even more valuable asset....excellent customer service. You have NEVER failed to be patient with me, to go beyond what was required of you to help me improve my website. If I need help with my website, you have never failed to help me in a quick and extremely helpful manner, and in a manner that I could understand, not like other companies that only speak in "computerese" language.

To anyone reading this, I strongly recommend Webnet77 and you will find their link on every single page in my website. A professional, highly knowledgeable and inexpensively priced hosting service that also offers EXCELLENT customer service can't be found anywhere else!

Rick Harris
Planting His Seeds

From: Guy - Canada

Internet business and websites.  You can't trust them right?  Often this is the case but then on occasion if you search diligently you can find an e-site that far surpasses even normal customer service.  Trust me, I have my select few sites that I use specifically because of this fact.

However, none has equaled or surpassed what I have found at your site.  Not only do you offer awesome tools that are relatively intuitive to understand but the cost of these tools is also fantastic.  That alone is more than enough for your site to gain entrance into my top ten best websites list.  Then ad to that superb and friendly customer service and it's clear to me that you are one of the top 3 best websites I've worked with.

Last Friday, (FRIDAY!!!!!) I e-mailed your company with a list of questions.  I expected to hear back probably the next Monday or something like that since it was also the afternoon, (FRIDAY AFTERNOON!!!!!) so II went about accomplishing other tasks that I had responsibility to accomplish.  I'd say less than 30 minutes later I decided to check my e-mail again.  I was blown away by what I found.  What was it?  It was a reply answering all my questions from your company.  I was amazed.  While you have definitely been in the top three for me for some time, this one action pushed you quickly ahead to the #1 spot leaving all others in the wake of your dust.

Good job.  Keep up the good work and may the Lord bless and keep you.  May He make His face to shine down upon you and give you peace.

God bless
Website: holy-living

From: Doris - USA

As for your hosting services, etc., I'm speaking from a novice's point of view, to be sure, but I think you offer a GREAT service!!! The helps are replete and thorough. As I've told you before, I use your FTP with ease! Tonight I set up my e-mail account and edited some HTML already uploaded.

I'm working on my "Links" page now and certainly will be happy to include one to WebNet77.

I can't begin to tell you how much I'm enjoying putting my site together, but I would be floundering still if you didn't provide so much help.

More folks need to know about your site and services!

God bless you--again I ask: are you on duty ALL the time???


From: Michael - USA

Once again, great job!  Your professional worth lies not only in your proven ability to solve problems but in your proven CONSISTENCY in solving them.

Later, in another email he writes after a hardware disk failure on a server:

Excellent restore job! I only had to restore a couple of files created after your Saturday backups.

I know what you went through, having dealt with corrupted, giga-size databases that needed to be restored. I always tell everyone that BACKUPS are everyone's FIRST JOB.

This disaster recovery event, also, further demonstrates to me and should to the rest of your customers that your technical management and your service are outstanding.



From: Rick - USA

I have come to highly appreciate all that you and WebNet77 has done for me and Planting His Seeds, and in fact, if someone were to ask me, I would not hesitate to them that I felt God opened a door leading me to your service. I recommend your service to anyone that asks, and look forward to a long and happy relationship with your fine company.

Planting His Seeds

From: Kathleen - USA

You guys are the BEST!
God bless you for all your help. I'm so happy I found WebNet77. I've really needed a reliable, approachable web hosting service and the fact that it's Christian based really pleases me.

Thanks again!!

From: Robert - USA

I have hosted my sites with several companies over the past 8 years but have NEVER found a company to rival the excellent service that I receive from Brent & his staff. That's why I trust my few hundred web sites to his care & his caring...

He really does care about my business!"....

Robert Dobyns
freepropane thepropanecompany

From: Nancy - USA

Thank you so much for all of the revisions. I know it is going above and beyond the call of duty for you. I realize that for the money we are paying for the web space, I have required a lot of tech support (that should decrease significantly soon).

You are great! Five Stars! Thank you thank you thank you.

Websites: frankenmuthlifestyle

From: Cathy - Ethopia

I have conferred with my client, and he has accepted your kind and generous offer!  Thank you!  I have been very impressed with your customer service and the account control panel that you provide.  To reciprocate your kindness, I will place a link to your company website at the bottom of each page on EthiopianDev.org.  Thank you again for helping us make this website a success!

Have A Great Day!

Website: ethiopiandevagency

From: Rev. Dr. Leane - USA

I wish I knew a way to say thanks except thanks! You have any idea how wonderful to feel like your right next door. I can run to you for help. You are a real blessing.

We found your site by hunting for the best value for our money. Webnet77 was only one on the web that offers so much for so little. I also read your beliefs page and clicked on your "Christian" link that was the deciding factor. I had asked Yeshua to direct our path and here you all are.

Never have we been treated with so much dignity and respect.

We look forward to a long blessed move of the Set Apart Spirit on Zion's Gate and Webnet77.

Website: Zion's Gate

From: Michael - USA

Dear Webnet77,

At first I was drawn to you because you were listed as Christian. Then I saw your rates and knew this truly is a Christian site because they were not inflated. Even with this, I hesitated until I could see what the support was like.

I am an expert in my field of computers, however I'm a novice when it comes to setting up my own domain and website! I have been in the support business for over 15 years, first via phone, then later via email. The hardest thing for any support rep to do is identify the knowledge level of the person asking for help, set their reply at that level and all without sounding like you are down-talking the customer. It has been a long time since I've seen such quality support via email. You have done a marvelous job presenting your answers in a way this novice could understand. It's very much appreciated!

Your answers to my questions were never canned, at least I didn't feel they were. The answers were precise and written in terms where I could understand what I was doing and more important, why! It's part of your job to answer a question, NOT train me. You have gone above and beyond the call in your support and you get an A+ from this critical retired support center supervisor!

Thank you for all you did, your thorough answers and most of all your patience! Because of you, I'm actually accomplishing something AND I'm having a ball!

Your new long term customer,

Websites: stregisresort.us
From: Bryan - South Africa

Just to mention, these are things I really have been impressed by:

The absolute ease of getting setup, and the turn around times in getting going have been great. Up to minute reports on the status of my new site and keeping me in the loop, added to the excitement of getting my own domain name and publicly hosted site. So right off the bat, a great start. :)

Once up and running, I started using the control panel and it absolutely kicks. I think it's quite clever the way the file management console is setup for example, but that's just from a geek's perspective :) it's easy to use... slimmed down and light-weight and most important: responsive; which is critical when you're doing web-based administration. And the reports and information/statistics which are available are fantastic! I was just browsing through them and the kind of information I was looking for was already there. Very easy to navigate and relevant and this all out of the box!

Back this kind of technology up with friendly emails and delightful correspondence, you got a winning combination. But then again, in some ways I didn't expect anything less from a corner of the world supported by a dedicated Christian community :) there's something of a commitment and pride in the work done as a work unto the Lord; a real labour of love.

that's straight out of how I feel without even trying hard at finding the right words... just off the top of what I perceive in the way things are working down at webnet77 / BibleDatabase.org.

"...that you might walk worthy of the Lord to all pleasing, being fruitful in every work and increasing in the knowledge of God, ..."

Website: bryanallott.net
From: Dale - USA

I would like to thank You and all your team for the wonderful, fantastic, caring, speedy job of helping me set up my web site here. Especially you for the timely manner and the caring help you have given me, God will surely bless you for the work done for me, and the others hosting with Webnet77!! Everything works great!! Well Done!!!! I just need to learn how to do this myself :)).
Again thanks for a fantastic job!

In Christ

Website: FaithFellowship
From: Rob - USA

I am very pleased with webnet77! You have always replied quickly and been extremely helpful any time I've had questions. I especially appreciate the willingness to help novices! Thanks for all you do for us, most of which we're probably blissfully unaware of, to make it all work.


From: Kevin - South Africa

I must say that I am very happy with your service. Every aspect - logging on, transferring, mail box etc is markedly much faster.

Yours is the most professional, caring and prompt service that I have ever experienced in dealing with various web operations. If the services of all industry was like this, the world would be a better and far more productive place


From: Ken - Ireland

You said you didn't mind how long my review is or if it was just two lines short, I would literally be here all night pointing out the advantages over using webnet77 as opposed to any other major web hosting company. We have a saying here in Ireland, "If it was any better it wouldn't be good enough". The service is simple, reliable, accessible in any preferable manner and most importantly of all, you have very secure mentality and you wont let any security issue get past you.

Its an bad way to feel for any customer, that if your web host messes up, the customer is the one who suffers. There are no compromises that i can see with webnet77 and only on one occasion I had a problem and it turned out to be my fault! Thankfully I was told immediately how to fix it without sending emails back and forth.

I greatly appreciate your efforts :)


Ken <><
From: The Jones Family - USA

Thanks for the update, and thanks even more for providing some protections against the pornography spammers. Since I deleted the catch-all on my site, I haven't had anything come through. Thanks so much for your help with that.

I have been extremely pleased with your service. You have always been prompt when I have asked for assistance. As this is the first domain that I have managed, and know very little, your patience with me and assistance when I have had a problem has been greatly appreciated.

I have told several people of your services and hope they will also come your way when they need a hosting service.

Have a good day.
From: Bullwhacker (Cowboy) - Heaven

They need to find out about you...you'd dust 'em.
And your service is superb! If you look at my pages, where I display your logo (sometimes just a link), it always says "good" in bold. Many, many thanks for the help.

Website: BullWhacker
Called home to be with our Lord, Wednesday, May 2, 2007
From: Ken Gilmour - Ireland

I'm overwhelmed by your service.. Its so cheap and top quality, I also do other sites for Christians such as ccfc.ie.... I'll be sure to recommend you to all my friends.

I am a server administrator for over 18 High end servers (Sun Fire 15K servers) in about 6 countries (I administer them remotely - not on my own though) ;-). So as you can imagine, when I'm asked to use third party servers for Christian sites that I'm doing I'm somewhat reluctant at choosing an ISP. I've been promised 100% network uptime with other ISPs, but when they have a problem with a server, its not a network problem and therefore doesn't count!

I have never (until now) used a third party vendor with such an excellent response time, correct answers, and solutions to my problems within 24 hours. I would be more than happy to use you again for other Christian sites if I was asked to recommend an ISP.

Most importantly... Webnet77 gives small churches the chance to get their name out there. Most ISPs are not affordable for small organizations and then if you can afford them they don't provide a proper service! To offer so much for so little is a big step for any company and I'm sure the Lord will bless your Ministry for many years to come!


Ken Gilmour <><

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